Video Premiere: Don’t Be Gone Too Long

By surprise at dawn today, Chris Brown released the official music video for “Don’t Be Gone Too Long”, with the participation of Ariana Grande included!


In fact, it’s something really unexpected, since the vocals of Ariana Grande wasn’t included in the completed track on Chris Brown’s album ‘X’. Check out the screenshots and the video below!

LISTEN: Chris Brown – Don’t Be Gone Too Long (feat. Ariana Grande)

The full version of Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ record has finally arrived. The 3-and-half-minute long track, which was expected to feature Ariana Grande, can be found at the No. 15 spot on Chris’ sixth solo LP ‘X’ dropping next week. Produced by Jean Baptiste, Free School & Babydaddy.

‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ was one of the more anticipated songs from ‘X’ because it was originally said to feature Ariana Grande. For whatever reason, she doesn’t appear on the retail copy of the album to the disappointment of many. Regardless, Chris still delivers a quality track that will be on repeat for quite some time.

’X’ is due out on September 16th. The long-awaited project features additional collaborations by Chris with artists like Lil Wayne, Akon, R. Kelly, Trey Songz, Jhene Aiko, and others. Production is handled by Diplo, NicNac, DJ Camper, and Mel & Mus. Pre-order ‘X’ on iTunes and stream ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ below.