Sam & Cat: #BrainCrush

Sam, Cat, Dice, and Nona go to a kid named Otis’ birthday party at Bots. However, they are the only ones at the party who weren’t playing this addicting game called Brain Crush.

WATCH: The full episode is down below.

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Sam, Cat, Dice, and Nona go to a kid named Otis’ birthday party at Bots. However, they are the only ones at the party who weren’t playing this addicting game called Brain Crush. No one could even look up or hear anything because of how absorbed they were to the game. Not even the birthday cake could help the kids look up. Sam ends up stealing the birthday cake.

The next day, Sam is trying to fix the door after she had kicked it in recently. They plan to have Nona do their laundry for them. They then find out that Dice got addicted to Brain Crush, too. Sam and Cat are angry about this. When Sam goes back to fix the door, Cat sees that Dice’s battery is low. On his hurry to get to his phone charger, he accidentally closes the door on Sam’s fingers. Cat then puts too much bandages on her hands. When they get to Elderly Acres, everyone is playing Brain Crush. Cat slaps Nona to get her to snap out of it. This doesn’t work and everyone continues playing and moaning like zombies. Sam and Cat run for it and tell a cop. However, he was obsessed, too.

Cat was doing a one-woman show called “Baberaham Lincoln,” the story of what would happen if Abraham Lincoln was a girl. The night of the show, Dice and Nona are still obsessively playing Brain Crush. Cat steals Dice’s phone and Nona’s Pear Pad and runs for it. At the show, everyone in the audience is playing Brain Crush. No one listens to her show and someone tells Cat to shut up while they play Brain Crush, so Cat ends up going backstage, crying. Sam is the only one in the audience not obsessively playing Brain Crush, so she goes and comforts Cat. She then gets an idea. She hires the karate team to break everyone’s devices and this works. Back at home, Dice and Nona are angry at themselves for getting addicted to Brain Crush, so they turn on Toilet Wars with Sam and Cat.



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Sam & Cat: #Lumpatious

Sam & Cat’s 22nd episode #Lumpatious will air this Saturday on Nickelodeon at 8 PM EST/PST.

Sam and Cat try to get the word “lumpatious” into the dictionary after making a bet that it is a real word, or they will be forced to drink the sweat of a boy. As the word does not exist, they will try to put it in the dictionary.

WATCH: The full episode is down below!

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Check out the UHQ stills and promo videos below!



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Sam & Cat: #MagicATM

Sam & Cat’s 21st episode, #MagicATM will be aired on Nickelodeon on January 4th at 8 PM EST.

Cat finds an ATM that gives away free money. Cat gets arrested by a police officer. The police officer is Scott Baio, a guest star.

Don’t miss out this brand new episode of Sam & Cat this Saturday at 8 PM only on Nickelodeon!

Check out the UHQ photos and sneak peak of the episode!



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Sam & Cat: #Dollsitting


Sam and Cat are hired to baby-sit a doll on Halloween; Cat thinks she may have turned Dice into a monkey.

This SATURDAY October 19 the #DollSitting episode will premiere on Nickelodeon.

As you can remind, early this year, Yahoo! was in the Sam & Cat studio for a set tour:

This episode is a special episode for the holiday Halloween!

Watch the premiere on October 19th, 2013. Don’t miss it! Check out the  6+ photos of the filming of the episode, the promo videos, the Behind The Scenes video, and the extra video “Touring The Set On Sam & Cat”.

Behind The Scenes:

Second Promo

Touring The Set Of Sam And Cat

Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Tom Schmid Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande DollSitting

PHOTOS: Sam & Cat Premiere In London


Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy pose hand in hand while attending the premiere of their new show Sam & Cat held at Cineworld 02 Arena on Saturday (October 12) in London, England. The two actresses were joined on the red carpet by co-star Sophia Grace Brownlee, who posed with her cousin Rosie McClelland. Ariana‘s new boyfriend Nathan Sykes showed his support while attending the premiere. “Highlight of the day… Brad was interviewing us and accidentally said “semen cat” instead of “Sam and Cat”. I pray someone got it on video, ” Ariana tweeted. The day before, Ariana and Nathan held one umbrella while walking out in the rain together. Check out the 15+ pictures inside of the stars attending the Sam & Cat premiere!

nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-16 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-17 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-15 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-14 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-13 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-12 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-11 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-10 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-08 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-07 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-06 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-05 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-04 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-03 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-02 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-01