LISTEN: Nathan Sykes – Over and Over Again (feat. Ariana Grande)

The ex-couple Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande announced about their surprise collab this week and shceduled to release this duet on January 15th!

Without a doubt, the song would’ve leaked sooner or later – and it did! If you want to hear it early, listen to the song consisting of powerhouse vocals in this new song below!


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Ariana Grande makes a small ’13’ surprise reunion at Catalina Bar & Grill in Los Angeles, CA

In October,  Ariana Grande got super nostalgic about “13, ” the show that marked her Broadway debut way back in 2008, when she was just a curly-haired 14-year-old.

Now, Ari’s continued to pay homage to the show and its composer and lyricist, Jason Robert Brown, by making a surprise appearance at the Tony winner’s Los Angeles concert on Monday night (Jan. 4).

“I happened to bump into an international pop star the other day and I asked her if it would be fun to come sing a tune or two,” Brown told the crowd before Ari stepped onstage. “And she said, ‘three,’ and I said, ‘three would be fine!’”

Dressed down in an oversized sweater and cute glasses, the 22-year-old was welcomed with enthusiastic applause from the crowd at Catalina Bar and Grill in Hollywood. Together with Brown, she performed a three song-set: “The Lamest Place In the World” and “Brand New You” from “13,” as well as “Getting Out” from Brown’s album Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes.

Ultimately, her surprise, no-frills performance is a welcome reminder of how far Ariana’s come and what got her here in the first place: THAT. BLESSED. VOICE.

Check out the whole performance below, filmed by Ari’s brother, Frankie Grande.


Source: MTV

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Ariana Grande surprises fan on ‘Knock Knock Live!’

On July 30, 2015, Fox canceled the show Knock Knock Live!, an American reality show starring Ryan Seacrest on Fox, after two episodes due to extremely low ratings after only two episodes. Ariana Grande‘s surprise didn’t air on TV in those episodes, so we didn’t get to watch it.

Luckily, on August 10th, we got the video online and were able to watch Ariana’s part in the show. She surprised a fan named Audestie at Ariana’s Louisville Honeymoon Tour show!

The singer gave time to meet and greet the girl backstage before the show, meeting the crew, and she even gave Audestie VIP passes for her and her friend!

Even more, Ariana gave her a huge gift and gave her college tuition of $15,000! Tears of joy were all over the room. She was really grateful. Watch the video below!

Ariana Grande surprises on American Idol

Ariana Grande goes in for a hug with contestant Sam Woolf during American Idol on Wednesday evening (April 30) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old entertainer surprised the 17-year-old fellow Florida native after he admitted he had a crush on her!

“had fun surprising Sam on idoltonight! thought his performance was great. thanks so much for having me @ryanseacrest, ” she later tweeted.

Check out the videos + UHQ photos below!

Outside American Idol Studios




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