Ariana Grande talks Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift on Capital FM

On March 29th, Ariana Grande started her radio tour as she first went to visit Capital FM studios to have an interview! She, of course, talks about her upcoming album Dangerous Woman, and other information regarding Taylor Swift, and recently unfollowing Justin Bieber! Check it all out below!

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The ‘Dangerous Woman’, herself, popped by to chat to Roman Kemp about all things in the world of Ariana Grande (and a little bit of Tinder-ing too, of course!)

That’s when Roman asked if Ariana would join Taylor Swift’s squad anytime soon… After all,he’s pretty much already in the squad, so we reckon he can start inviting people too!

Grande seemed pretty keen on the idea… As long as she didn’t have to do any weird, creepy initiations to be involved!

Beliebers and Arianators went full on cray-cray last weekend when they discovered that – duh-duh-duuuuuuh – Ariana and Justin were no longer following each other on Twitter.

Ariana dropped by Capital this week to chat to Dave Berry, George & Lilah, and they HAD to get to the bottom of this.

“Oh s***, what happened? I didn’t know that this happened”, she revealed to the Capital Breakfast hosts.

“But I followed him back! […] There’s no drama to report, I’m a very boring co-host!” – PHEW!

During Roman’s chat with the ‘Dangerous Woman’, Ariana Grande, his phone went off. #FirstWorldProblems.

And being the absolute star that Ari is, she let Roman check it out… But we’re starting to think she may regret that.

After all, when Roman’s not being told he’s boyfriend material from Selena Gomez, he’s on Tinder.