Ariana Grande and Ricky Alvarez’s relationship – are they happy?

All donut-gate jokes and new fragrance announcements aside, Ariana Grande and her new boyfriend Ricky Alvarez – who also just so happens to be one of her dancers – are apparently so happy with each other that they’ve probably been skipping in fields of daisies and humming love songs 24/7.

They’re really, really happy. OK?

News of Ari’s new beau surfaced when the whole donut licking fiasco went down and the partners in crime were caught on surveillance camera sneaking a little smooch.

Now one of those sneaky source types has been spilling some details on the new couple’s budding romance, telling E! News that they ‘couldn’t be happier’.

“She and Ricky have gotten pretty close and they are officially a couple,” said the insider. “They are keeping their relationship on the down low though and trying to be as private as they can.

“The way the two act around each other is very affectionate. You can tell Ricky really cares about her.”

Right, so I’m just curious about when do I get to become an international popstar and date our backup dancer?

Are Arianators on Twitter shipping Rickiana into infinity? Here’s what some of them say…

That’s the truth for y’all. What do you think about the two love birds? Comment down below!

Ariana Grande & Big Sean’s relationship ends — why?

Big Sean and Ariana Grande have broken up, a rep for the rapper confirms.

Reps from both artists have issued a joint statement saying “They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends. We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at the time.”

A source tells US Weekly tells that the two artists – who have been dating for eight months – decided to amicably part ways a “few weeks ago” due to upcoming “inflicting touring schedules” within the next year.

Ariana Grande explains Big Sean rumours with Ryan Seacrest

Like her music,  Ariana Grande is inescapable.

The pop princess currently has three singles dominating the airwaves, she performed two songs at the MTV Video Music Awards, walked away with a Moon Man for Best Pop Video for “Problem” with Iggy Azalea, and on Monday, the 21-year-old finally released her highly-anticipated album, My Everything.

Though her sophomore LP is projected to rule the charts its opening week, the world-at-large is still buzzing about her VMAs marathon, in which she opened the proceedings with “Break Free” by emerging from a spaceship, and concluded with “Bang Bang” alongside Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, who was clutching onto her noncompliant dress.

As Nicki’s ill-fated costume change continues to be a widely discussed keynote from the trifecta’s performance, On Air with Ryan Seacrest spoke to the former Nickelodeon star to get her opinion on the rapper’s major wardrobe malfunction.

“I don’t care. That was amazing. She’s such a pro for coming on, holding her [stuff] together like that and just, like, living and rapping and keeping it together. That was amazing,” Ariana praised. “I thought she did incredibly well, especially given the circumstance.

Knee-high boots and skimpy rompers were also the stars of Ariana’s back-to-back spectacles. If you’re having trouble reading between her new wardrobe and lyrics, the former Nickelodeon star is making — if she hasn’t already — a transition from her childhood career to a full-blown mature pop star. The passage isn’t always a successful attempt, so Ryan questioned the songstress how she effortlessly crossed over.

“I don’t really know. I mean, I’ve just been so focused on music. I really feel like focusing on the music and really, like, letting the music tell my story, and introducing myself with music, and letting that be the statement sort of was it, I guess,” she said. “I wanted people to be talking about the music not anything else.”

Her My Everything record is in fact powered by tracks that introduce a coming of age. Ariana’s ballads “My Everything” and “Best Mistake” — which she revealed are her “two favorites” on the album — boasts mature relationship troubles and adult ambitions. In the interview, the pop-soul singer also said that fans can get their hands on remixes and exclusives that aren’t available with the iTunes copy by downloading the free messaging Line app.

Listen to the interview below!