Ariana Grande talks Lipsy London & Ed Sheeran with LOOK

Ariana Grande is on the February cover of the UK magazine LOOK, and her photos with Lipsy London have been put inside the excerpt, along with an interview about the collection, feminism and bullying, and artists such as Ed Sheeran, Nathan Sykes, Adele, and more! Check out the interview below!

You’re very outspoken about equality and feminism, why are these issues so important to you?

‘I love surrounding myself with strong women and I love promoting that kind of attitude.’

What misconceptions about feminism would you like to break down?

‘Feminism is just about promoting equality- it’s not a scary thing- we should all consider ourselves feminists.’

You’ve spoken out a lot about online bullying, what do you think can be done to prevent if from happening?

‘All you can do is lead by example. We’ve all been there or know someone who has. I see it daily and it breaks my heart.’

You wrote an amazing piece on Twitter about the double standards women experience, what examples of these have you encountered recently in your own life?

‘I think all of us have experienced double standards at one time or another. It’s important that we stick up for ourselves and for other women.’

Who do you look up to?

‘Madonna! I recently performed with her and it was everything and more. That woman’s drive is beyond.’

Recently you worked with your ex [former The Wanted band member, Nathan Sykes] wasn’t that tough? 

‘We are friends and I am so happy with how the song turned out.’

Ed Sheeran said you have a foul mouth after last year’s VS secrets, is that true? 

‘I can be known to have quite the inappropriate sense of humour! And Ed Sheeran is so British and embarrasses easily. He is so easy to make blush. I think people often think I’m totally censored so I love to catch them off guard!’

Which other artists do you love? 

‘I really love Adele, Jessie J’s my girl – collaborating with her was super cool. She brings such a different vibe. I was buzzing off her energy. Ed’s obviously a legend. The Brits know how to do it just much more proper and [all] washed down with a nice cup of tea!’

You’ve got a huge amount of followers online. Tell us that you manage your own accounts…

Have you seen my social media?! No one in their right mind would take ownership of that. It’s me, me, me!


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Nathan Sykes talks about reuniting with Ariana Grande in ‘Over and Over Again’

On February 4th, an article from Billboard was posted, where Nathan Sykes was interviewed. He takled about collaborating with Ariana Grande once again. Check out the article below:

While Nathan Sykes has landed two top five hits on Billboard‘s Dance Club Songs chart over the past year, don’t expect to find the singer jamming out to his own music on the dance floor.

He topped the dance chart back in August with “Kiss Me Quick” and just climbed up to No. 3 with the remix of “Over and Over Again,” his lush duet with Ariana Grande. The latter was actually released in the U.K. last year, but Sykes had a feeling his old friend could add something special to the ballad.

“I sat there listening to the song when it came on the radio in the U.K., and I said, ‘You know who’d sound great on this?’ — it was just a really random thought — ‘Ariana. She’d sound fantastic on this song.’ And obviously, we’d done ‘Almost Is Never Enough’before, on her debut album Yours Truly, and that’s where I met my executive producer Harmony Samuels. He’s just fantastic. And that’s who I wrote ‘Over and Over Again’ with. So it’s kind of come full-circle. She was really up for it, and she went in and put down an amazing, just beautiful vocal.”


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LISTEN: Nathan Sykes – Over and Over Again (feat. Ariana Grande)

The ex-couple Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande announced about their surprise collab this week and shceduled to release this duet on January 15th!

Without a doubt, the song would’ve leaked sooner or later – and it did! If you want to hear it early, listen to the song consisting of powerhouse vocals in this new song below!


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Ariana Grande to duet with Nathan Sykes’ ‘Over and Over Again’

Looks like all of the rumours between the two ex-lovers having a feud have all come to an end with this surprise!

On January 9th, Nathan Sykes went to Twitter to announce that he will have a special duet with somebody on another version of his recent single Over and Over Again, and Ariana has liked the tweet, sparking rumours of the two stars coming together to sing this song.

On January 10th, Ariana Grande herself spilled the tea and tweeted the lyrics to the song she has recorded with Nathan!!

Nathan didn’t lie when he tweeted earlier that January was going to be an interesting month. Now all of the two fandoms are going crazy between this surprise, considering that the two singers have dated back in 2013. We just couldn’t get enough after hearing the two sing Almost Is Never Enough 3 years ago… but how did the fans react?

What are your thoughts on this duet? Comment down below on what you think! The song is expected to come out January 15th.

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Nathan Sykes cried writing Ariana Grande-inspired song

Nathan Sykes reckons he actually cried while writing a track from his debut album inspired by ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande.

The Wanted member admitted that he had a little sob the day he wrote the song, but insists he’s got nothing but love for the ‘amazing talent.’

Nathan spilled some tea about that day: “It was quite an emotional day. I found that especially when you go over the lyrics again. It’s like, ‘Wow! Those are really deep lyrics.’ I got really emotional writing it.”

“I think three or four songs were really emotional to write. There’s one song called ‘Famous’ which is about what do I have to do to make someone I care about, care about me as much as I do them?”

“It’s basically saying ‘do I have to be famous, will you only call me when I’m famous?’ Whenever I go through something that’s not ideal, I don’t feel sorry for myself. I go, ‘My God, this is going to be such a great song’.”

Nathan – whose debut single ‘Kiss Me Quick’ also told the Daily Star he wishes Ariana the best. “It’s fantastic she’s doing so well because she is such an incredible talent. I’ve known her quite a while and I know how much she’s always wanted a Grammy nomination, so she must have been so happy to get one this year.”

Source: Sugarscape

Performing At Showcase Concert In London


Ariana Grande has had secret gigs for her fans, and she performed at a Showcase Concert in London. She performed her latest hits from Yours Truly including The Way and Almost Is Never Enough with Nathan Sykes on stage.

The “Right There” star has worn her outfit that she has been wearing during her performances at Nickelodeon’s 40th Annual WWDoP, and some shows in her summer tour The Listening Sessions.

She also stayed and answered some questions about many topics, including bullying, SeaWorld, the fans, and her album!

Q&A #1 | Q&A #2

Don’t forget to check out the photos in our gallery. We added 70+ HQ photos that you don’t want to miss out on!


Image00016~5 Image00010~8 Image00007~9

Also, here are the 2 videos of the performances Ariana Grande sang at the show!

Almost Is Never Enough:

The Way:

Ariana Grande & The Wanted At KISS FM Phoenix

Ariana Grande supports The Wanted as she joins them to their interview with KISS FM Phoenix radio station a few days ago. She then takes pictures with the fans who waited for her after the interview.

In case you missed it, watch the video and check out the photos of Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes arriving at the radio station.


Ariana Grande At The Wanted’s Concert


Ariana Grande makes a special appearance at The Wanted’s concert in Club Nokia in Los Angeles! The security picked her up and carried her to the stage while she kept trying to run away. Check out the videos and photos of Ariana Grande being brought on stage.

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Ariana Grande Interviewed On Entertainment Wise


Ariana and Nathan’s Relationship

Ariana Grande has revealed that it took some time for things to hot up between her and The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes.

The 20 year-old actress-singer admitted that she noticed the hunky boyband star months ago, however it took a while for her to pluck up the courage to act on her feelings.

“I saw him in March on a red carpet, and we locked eyes with each other all night. I thought, he was cute as hell. Nothing happened obviously and then, the duet came about,” she recalled.

It wasn’t until the opportunity arose for the pair to duet together on the song ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ featured on the ‘Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ soundtrack, that Ariana summoned up the courage to get to know Nathan, 20, better.

“We hadn’t met really still, until we shot the video,” she said. “It was a really fun day – he was very sweet and cute. We started talking and then it just went from there. No, actually we didn’t really start talking until we met again at Justin Bieber’s tour in August.”

The couple later announced their relationship on Twitter in September, after weeks of speculation about their romance.

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“So, I guess it’s obvious now… thanks to everyone who is being so lovely. I’m so happy #butweareterrified #pleasedontkillme #orariana,” Nathan wrote.

Ariana added: “We hesitated saying anything as people can be a bit insensitive but thank u we value all of your happiness, thank you for valuing ours :).”

Ariana explained to EntertainmentWise this week that the cute couple wanted to wait a while before making any announcements about their burgeoning romance.

“We were still trying to figure it out, we both have really open relationships with our fans so we wanted to tell them when there was something to know because we didn’t want them to find out through some outlet or some weird source.

“So we just felt like it would be more honest to tell them straight up because if there’s something to be said I’d rather it come from me and him and we felt the same way.”



Music & Acting Career

The Almost is Never Enough singer chatted to EntertainmentWise this week and was more than happy to discuss rumours she might be trying to ditch her tween star image – something that she insists isn’t true.

“I’m not trying to escape my Nickelodeon persona,” Ariana explained, “It’s still a massive part of my life. I’m still filming Sam and Cat and Cat’s still very important to me and holds a very special place in my heart.”

While some child stars change their image in order to attract a more mature audience, the 20-year-old reveals that adjusting her image is not something that she can herself do consciously. Instead, Ariana would like to think that these changes will happen naturally with time.

“As far as the whole transition thing, I don’t really ever see myself thinking or doing something to make the statement. I think I just want to let my music be separate from my television persona,” she revealed.


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“I want there to be a Cat and an Ariana,” she says, referring to the American teen sitcom she stars in alongside iCarly star Jennette McCurdy. “I’ve done a good job of separating that and then whatever happens from there happens from there.”

Although she might not be in a hurry to ditch her teen star image, Ariana – who is currently dating The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes – does admit that she is growing up but, luckily for her, this hasn’t come with any reckless side effects!

“I’m growing up but I don’t have any crazy impulses yet.” She admitted. Hopefully it’ll stay that way!”



Thanks to EntertainmentWise for having the chance to interview her!

PHOTOS: Sam & Cat Premiere In London


Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy pose hand in hand while attending the premiere of their new show Sam & Cat held at Cineworld 02 Arena on Saturday (October 12) in London, England. The two actresses were joined on the red carpet by co-star Sophia Grace Brownlee, who posed with her cousin Rosie McClelland. Ariana‘s new boyfriend Nathan Sykes showed his support while attending the premiere. “Highlight of the day… Brad was interviewing us and accidentally said “semen cat” instead of “Sam and Cat”. I pray someone got it on video, ” Ariana tweeted. The day before, Ariana and Nathan held one umbrella while walking out in the rain together. Check out the 15+ pictures inside of the stars attending the Sam & Cat premiere!

nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-16 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-17 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-15 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-14 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-13 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-12 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-11 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-10 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-08 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-07 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-06 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-05 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-04 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-03 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-02 nathan-sykes-supports-ariana-grande-at-sam-cat-premiere-01

PHOTOS: Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes In London


Earlier today, Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes were outside Radio 2 in London, England.

The “Right There” hottie and her English pop star boyfriend braved the rainy weather from under an umbrella as fans and paparazzi clamored nearby.

In a recent interview, Miss Grande shared some of her favorite female singers, including Imogen Heap.

“I’m absolutely her number one fan. I appreciate her musicality so much. Her brain is a musical heaven. Every single part of each of her songs is so intricate and I just can’t get enough of her. I love music more than anything, and she’s just a big cloud of music happiness and harmonies and sounds. I just want to live in her brain forever.”

– Ariana Grande

Additionally, Ariana digs on Judy Garland’s angelic voice.

“I grew up watching videos of Judy Garland’s concerts and her movies. Every day my mom and I would watch a different Judy Garland VHS. I love how she tells a story when she sings. It was just about her voice and the words she was singing — no strings attached or silly hair or costumes, just a woman singing her heart out. I feel like that doesn’t happen that much anymore.”

– Ariana Grande

Thanks to JustJared who posted these 11 HQ photos! Check them out!

normal_ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-06 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-12 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-11 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-10 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-09 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-08 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-05 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-04 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-03 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-02 ariana-grande-nathan-sykes-radio-appearances-01

Nathan Sykes Talks About Ariana’s Twitter Drama


During the 2013 Pride Of Britain Awards, Nathan and Jay stopped by the Red Carpet to talk to interviewers and answered their questions.

The interviewer asks Nathan about the Twitter drama about Ariana Grande.

I think it’s such a massive compliment that people have to lie so viciously about her for there to be anything said bad about her. She has such class and sophistication and that’s why I adore her.

– Nathan Sykes

The interviewer also asked about the long message that Jai Brooks tweeted for him. Jay ended up picking him up while Nathan replies “Dignified silence.” and they walked away ending the interview.

Check out the video!