Ariana Grande performs on Music Station

During Ariana Grande’s promotion schedule for the release of her new album ‘My Everything’, she has gone to the Japanese music TV show ‘Music Station’ to perform her two hits Problem Break Free. Watch the performance below!


Ariana Grande interviewed on Top of the Pops


Ariana Grande is enjoying her time in Japan for promoting her new single Problem. On June 20th, Ariana has arrived at the TV show Music Station and she has made a performance of Baby I and Problem. Watch the videos below!

Arriving at the Music Station studios

PERFORMANCE (Baby I/Problem)

PHOTOS: Ariana Grande arrives in Japan!


Ariana Grande has arrived in Japan on June 17, at the Narita International Airport, after she performed at the 2014 MMVAs. She was seen with a grey beanie and white jumper. She has brought her friends Sascha and Isaac with her.

Ariana Grande is in Japan to promote her single Problem. She is going to appear on the TV show ‘Music Station’ that will air next friday. She is going to perform Baby I and Problem. The Ariana team also made a exclusive performance for the Japanese fans as promotion for ‘Problem’. 

Check out the videos and photos of her arrival!


[youtube id=”C5UkY4PN9NA” width=”620″ height=”360″]