Ariana Grande to release Dangerous Woman Tour merch with Urban Outfitters

On December 5th, it was announced that Urban Outfitters and Ariana Grande have collaborated on a UO-exclusive capsule collection in celebration of the 24-year-old’s Dangerous Woman Tour and album.

Produced in partnership with merchandise and brand management company Bravado, the tees, hoodies, jackets, hat and sweatpants feature previously unreleased designs and photos of the “Side to Side“ singer with graffiti style wording throughout and even an appearance from boyfriend, Mac Miller. Tour dates appear on the back of each piece.

Grande’s seven-month world tour wrapped in September and reportedly raked in $71 million, thanks to 75 headlined performances and 875,000 overall tickets sold. Compared to the pop star’s 2015 Honeymoon Tour, her most recent stint was increased by 70 percent, selling 70,000 more tickets in a shorter period of time.

The nine-piece assortment of apparel ($34–$299) will launch Friday at 5 p.m. in-store at all North American retailers, followed by an e-commerce release on the brand’s website on Monday.


Bryan Hearns talks designing Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour outfits

On February 6th, an interview by Billboard was posted as they interviewed Ariana’s outfit designer Bryan Hearns about how he made the Dangerous Woman tour outfits. Check it all below:

Bryan Hearns is no newbie to designing for celebs. The FIDM University alumnus stayed in Los Angeles after graduating in 2010 and linked up with Style PR’s Antonio Estebán, who acquainted Hearns with the many names he works with today. From Keke Palmer to Kylie Jenner to Selena Gomez, the 26-year-old has had no shortage of it-girls to dress in his eclectic designs.

The new year came with another challenge for Hearns: dressing Ariana Grande for her Dangerous Woman tour, which kicked off Thursday in Phoenix. Grande is no stranger to his work: She rocked Hearns’ designs on Billboard‘s August 2014 cover and donned a custom top by him at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. When Hearns was approached by Law Roach, Grande’s stylist, to develop her Dangerous Woman tour outfits, it was a match made in fashion heaven. Hearns discusses working with the pop star, his favorite look from the tour, and the difference between creating his beloved street style and designing performance wear.

What was the collaborative process like while creating Ariana’s tour looks?

I met with Law and we discussed the direction she wants to go in. She’s trying to do a different direction with her style, and this tour kind of encompasses all of that. It’s kind of street style — everything that’s happening now. So we had a meeting and went over the images and silhouettes that she likes.

What was it like working with Law?

It was awesome. He has a really good sense of direction. He lets you know if he likes something or not, but he also gives you your freedom to create what you want.

So were you given a lot of creative freedom for this tour?

Yeah. Most of the looks are my direct aesthetic, so I put my stamp on it. It was just a certain silhouette that she wanted and certain colors, and that’s how we met in the middle. We had a couple of looks that were in her silhouette, which is usually high-waisted bodysuits, shorts, skirts and crop tops. It’s very flattering on her so we have a lot of items in that shape.

What materials did you use?

Everything was a mixture of leather, denim, strappy fabrics (because there’s a lot of straps on everything) and hardware. We use a lot of sweatshirt fabric because everything is very relaxed-looking. It doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of the details.

What would be three words you’d use to describe the collection?

Confident, feminine and dangerous.

What is your favorite look from the tour collection?

I think my favorite one is going to be the white two-piece. It’s a crop top and a bodysuit skirt with a leather flap. She’s also wearing it with a big puffer jacket. It’s all white and it’s super crispy with thigh-high boots. It just looks really chic.

How long did it take to put all of these looks together?

It was pretty quick because I heard about the job maybe two and half weeks ago and we had to scramble and get everything ready to go. So we’ve been working all the way up to today, and the show’s in a couple of hours and we’re still getting last-minute things done.

Wow, that’s really intense. What’s it like to work under that kind of pressure?

It’s kind of stressful, but it’s also exciting because you have to problem-solve really quick. Sometimes you’ll get an idea that you wouldn’t have thought about if you had more time to think because sometimes when you have a lot time, you change your mind too much and then you’re not certain on exactly what you want.

What’s the difference between designing for Ariana and other people, like Keke Palmer or Kylie Jenner?

The difference is when I design for Ariana, it’s more like a custom idea — more for performance. And then for Keke and Kylie, it’s more for streetwear and things that they would wear when they’re walking around. And they tend to wear more from my collection. Ariana is more specific to her.

When it comes to the difference between performance wear and streetwear, what’s the big difference for you in terms of designing?

You have to keep in mind that they’re going to be moving around and dancing, and things have to last for awhile, so that’s what I have to think about. The other girls were more to look cool and it’s not as comfortable maybe as it would be to perform in.

What have you learned from this experience and how have you grown?

I’ve learned just to be patient and take whatever advice or direction someone’s trying to give you. Just problem-solve and go for it.


Ariana Grande walks through her evolution with Refinery29

On September 30th, Refinery29 posted a slideshow of Ariana’s evolution, and Ariana herself walked us through the past to the present! Check it out below!

“This is about to be crazy,” Ariana Grande tells her entourage when she learns what we have planned for our sit-down interview. “This is going to be pure comedy — I’m terrified!”
To celebrate the launch of the 23-year-old’s latest fragrance, Sweet Like Candy — a scent she describes as “a younger, sweeter, more flirtatious version of the Ari fragrance” — we decided to take a look back at the singer in her younger days. We arrived at Ulta Beauty, the store that launched the scent exclusively, armed with 12 photos of Grande’s most striking looks and asked her to comment on each. Which does she still love? Which does she hate? You’ll find out ahead — along with a lot of discussion about that ever-present ponytail.

“I’m not sick of talking about it…I know it’s a thing,” Grande says when asked if she’s hit peak pony-talk. Probe a little further and you’ll learn that her signature style has become a blessing and a curse — which is why it made it into her latest release, “Jason’s Song,” with industry veteran Jason Robert Brown. The lyrics read: “You acted like you bought me at a bargain sale / You don’t even care / You focused your frustration on a small detail / Blew it out of scale, like my ponytail.”

“I remember sitting with Jason in my studio saying ‘I love music so much, but I wish that’s what people saw first and foremost,'” she told us. “Jason knows me as a singer, as a musician, as a person he cast on Broadway, so his response was, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ And I was like, ‘My ponytail!’ He was like, ‘Is that a thing?'” A “thing” it is, indeed, and calling it out is just one part of why the song is so special to her, she says.

In case you’re wondering: Yes, she was wearing her go-to half-pony for our interview, the same one she’s sporting in most of the shots that get published, but click through and you’ll see in the star’s evolution that’s she’s far from a one-hit wonder.


Ariana Grande shares her beauty tips and more with Byrdie

Ariana Grande’s voice arrives before she does. Her nimble vocalizing echoes through the MAC store on Robertson, leaping and gliding in arpeggios, as if heralding her arrival. It morphs into a sudden laugh; then, a hushed giggle. A few seconds later, she bursts out from behind the giant pink screen emblazoned with the campaign for her second MAC Viva Glam lipstick and lip gloss (a bright fuchsia and a dusty mauve, respectively). Her outfit, like Grande herself, is an equal mix of girlish and glam: light-wash jeans, a pink tank top emblazoned with the word GIRLS, patent stilettos with a skinny heel, and a black sweatshirt, zipped up halfway and carelessly falling off one shoulder. I’m here to talk to Grande about her new collection with MAC, as well as learn a few of her beauty secrets or two (such as the real story behind her now ubiquitous pony).

But first, some Polaroids. Grande may be a singer by trade, but she’s a singer who sure knows her angles. She jumps into full-on model mode in front of the camera, without a twinge of hesitation or awkwardness. A coy over-the-shoulder shot of her biting her thumb, a coquettish wink—a few snaps in, she asks if she can switch things up. “Can I do this? What about this?” she asks, squatting low to the ground and tilting her head forward in a way that would make most of us without her bone structure look like a large blob (she appears angular and lithe, naturally). Grande is larger than life, both in the photographs and in person.

Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Grande started her career in musical theater before landing the role of the sweet and innocuous Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television show Victorious. Around this time, Grande uploaded videos of herself singing to YouTube, blew anyone who watched them away with her vocal prowess, and was subsequently signed to Republic Records.

Fast-forward five years and now you won’t be able to turn on the radio without hearing one of her hits (“Into You” is the pulsing, addictive song of summer 2016—just ask your friends, co-workers, significant other, woman in front of you in line at the grocery store, etc.).

Like most celebrities who grow up in the limelight, Grande’s look has evolved throughout the years; but unlike most celebrities, she settled into her signature beauty look fairly quickly and has since never strayed. And why should she? Her requisite sky-high pony, fluttery lashes, and thick, precise cat eye are now as much a part of Ariana Grande, pop star, as is her crooning, gasp-inducing voice.

“My mom always does a cat eye, too—a thick black line on top,” Grande replies, when I ask her about her beauty icons. “I remember being like, ‘I wanna look like a mix of my mom and Scary Spice.’ I remember saying those words when I was a little girl—that was the goal, when I was, like, 4.”

She’s quick to gush about her mother, who immediately sounds like the coolest mom ever, both subjectively and objectively speaking. “My mom is fly,” she agrees. “She’s the baddest. My whole life, she’s always worn custom-made, black, tailored outfits. Black only—I’ve never seen her wear another color. And she adds a pop of color on her lip. She has this blue lipstick I was really stoked on, and my Viva Glam as well.”

It’s soon clear that Grande readily lauds praise for those close to her—from Christina, who does her lash extensions (“She’s one of my best friends—I love her”) to her makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla, whom she’s also close with and makes sure to credit in every Instagram makeup post. And this might be surprising. After all, pop divas of eras past aren’t particularly known for fawning over others. But Grande is warm, more mature than her 23 years, and seems to take her fame with a sense of genuine wonder and gratefulness.

When I ask her what she hopes to be doing 10 years from now, she pauses for a second before speaking. “I hope to be doing exactly what I’m doing now,” she says, wide eyes blinking earnestly, “which is making music, spending time with incredible people whom I love and who love me, and we’re good around each other. Rescuing way too many animals—more than I have room for. Hopefully at that point I’ll have more room for them, for more animals. I really love my life right now and I’m very appreciative and I’m grateful, so I hope that I just keep going and doing what I’m doing. I’m not gonna take it for granted.”

Grande’s openness extends to her beauty secrets. There’s no coyness when I ask her about her lashes, which she’s quick to reveal are extensions. “I love lashes,” she declares. “I feel like I could be completely naked but have lashes, and I’d be fine. Like, I’ll forget! Just walk out naked and completely forget.”

She laughs after this, but somehow, I don’t think she’s joking. Her mascara of choice is MAC’s Haute & Naughty ($23), which she credits for keeping her lashes clumpy, but also clean (“Sometimes I want both!”). As for her skin, she’s relieved to be “over the hill” (her words, not mine) and leave her troublesome skin behind in her teenage years, but credits taking her makeup off every night as a big help.

“It doesn’t matter if I exfoliate or if I’m too tired—as long as my makeup is off, I’m fine,” she says. I ask her if there’s a specific product she credits for her skin, and she’s stumped for a second. “Oy vey,” she sighs, then perks up. “You know what I actually use on my face as well as my body? I feel like people would think it would make you break out, but it doesn’t make you break out: coconut oil! Like, cooking oil. I put it everywhere—in my hair, on my body. It’s the answer.”

But she’s quick to add in one more thing: “No idea if this is gonna work for anyone else, but I hope it does! If you try this and then you break out, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Disclaimer!”

And finally we come to the topic of Grande’s hair. Gretchen Wieners had hair so big it was full of secrets; Beyoncé called out the man-stealing “Becky with the good hair” in her album Lemonade. Hair is something we’ve obsessed over in pop culture since Shakespearean times, so it’s no surprise there’s a public fixation on Grande’s own gloriously thick, perky ponytail.

“I had no idea that it was going to become, like, a thing,” she shrugs. “It’s how I like my hair. It’s how I’ve always liked my hair. Picture me in fourth grade with a little half-up side-pony flopping around my head. I never expected it to become such a thing. This is what makes me comfortable, and I feel like there’s a thousand different ways to do a ponytail. A million!”

But it soon becomes clear that Grande’s pony is not just any old “thing.” “It brings me so much joy, honestly,” she admits. “Every time I put my hair up, it’s like a surprise. Like, I forget how much I love it, and then I tie it back and I’m like, ‘I love this look! Ooh, girl!’ Every time I tie it up is like the first time. It’s like true love.”

And there’s the rub: Ariana Grande isn’t trying to set trends or go out of her way to make a buzzy beauty statement. She’s just doing what she loves—trendy or not. It’s the advice she would give to her fans, too. “Be yourself and don’t listen to any trends,” she says. “If you happen to like something that is trendy, cool—but just because it’s ‘in’ at the time doesn’t mean that you have to jump on the bandwagon. Being yourself is one of the coolest things that you can do. As hard as it may be to get there, once you find that comfort, run with it.”

She uses her hair as an example. “Sh*t, you don’t like my ponytail? I’m gonna have it two times bigger tomorrow, and higher, tighter, more hair in there too!” she says, getting more heated. “Sh*t, I’ll crimp it! You ain’t seen a crimp like this in 20 years!” (Her pony was indeed crimped, and a thing of glory, at the time of the interview, so the emotion felt genuine.) She laughs and flips her hair back for emphasis, then sobers up, suddenly more serious.

“My fans, I just really want them to feel empowered by who they are, and to not be afraid of it,” she says. “Embrace it—then run with it.” If Grande’s own life and career is any indication, it’s advice we’ll all gladly heed.


Ariana Grande talks Lipsy London summer collection with LOOK

LOOK caught up with the popstar ahead of her latest Lipsy collection…

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What do you get when you add Ariana Grande to Lipsy? A dreamy celeb collaboration, that’s what. Yep, there’s everything from lace shorties and crochet crop tops to figure-hugging bodycons and classic LBDs – and just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, we got the inside scoop from Miss Grande herself. Here’s everything you need to know about her brand new SS16 Lipsy collection…

What’s your favourite piece from the summer collection?

I’m loving the violet floral printed dress with the apron neck. Its super feminine and it’s a classic summer dress you’ll be able to wear year after year.  

Which item is your summer must-have?

A crop top! I like them year round but they are perfect for summertime.   

Which is your favourite piece from the summer jewellery collection?

I literally took the pom-pom earrings home with me straight after the shoot. I think they’re so playful and unique. 

Which item would you wear if you were going to a festival?

The cute little playsuit with the floral design – it’s a perfect festival look as it is short and flirty but also super comfortable.

And for a date night?

I think one of the little black dresses- they are all so cute and simple. I love the updated versions in the collection especially the one with the exposed zipper. 

Any new pieces or design elements that you were really feeling for in this range?

I really liked the cold shoulder that was in the last collection so we brought it back. The bow elements are so girly and the pink dress has the most amazing back bow. 

Tell us a bit about the design process. When designing and brainstorming, where were you, what music was playing, what surrounded you? What time of day? Is this similar to your song writing process?

I loved being part of the design process. I get inspiration from everywhere and I loved looking at instagram for ideas. It was so amazing being able to work with the Lipsy team to make my ideas into reality! I’m so happy to have been finally able to make this collection for my amazing fans. 

How have your fans reacted to your collection?

My fans are so amazing! To celebrate the first collection, Lipsy launched a sketch competition and the drawings were so beautiful and had so much effort go into them. I was blown away. 

If you could pick any brand in the world to collaborate with, which would it be?

Lipsy has been great to work with! I am so glad they helped me make this collection for my amazing fans. 

What’s next?

I am so excited for my new music. I really can’t wait for my album to be out! 


Ariana Grande talks Lipsy London collection with Reveal

On March 2, Ariana Grande’s Lipsy London collection was finally released, and there are tons of outfits and jewellery that you could choose from. She also talked to press about the collection along with general things, below which is an interview with RevealCheck it all out below!



When singer Ariana Grande announced a clothing collaboration with high-street fashion hotspot Lipsy earlier last month, we may have squealed the office down…

Fast forward to today and the drop has officially landed, and as promised, it’s awash with gorgeously girly frocks, fierce monochrome co-ords and seriously sassy cropped tops – not to mention a whole hoard of totally wearable accessories.

Speaking exclusively to Reveal, the songstress spills all about her fabulous new haul including where she nabbed the style inspiration from…

Hi Ariana! How would you describe your style?

My signature look is pretty much always feminine, flirty with a nod to the 50s and 60s retro silhouettes. I also have a big floral and pastel obsession right now which I’ve made sure to incorporate into my new line with Lipsy.

We’re so excited to land our hands on the collection. Give us the lowdown on everything!

Lipsy were so great to work with and I can’t believe I was able to collaborate with them to make this collection. They made the process so much fun! From the fabric, to the cuts, to the photo shoot, I’ve been so involved and I really hope the Lipsy girls and my fans love it. Modelling the range was a fun moment for me.

The biker jacket is such a wardrobe staple. It’s so versatile and can be paired with almost anything and the little peek-a-boo cut detail on the black fitted Bardot dress makes it a special LBD for your closet. The two monochrome skirts in the collection can be dressed up or down and would be great paired with the lace crop top and the red maxi dress makes a bold statement.

Who is your biggest style icon – alive or dead?

Audrey Hepburn! I literally love everything she has ever worn. Her style is classic but still girly, it’s very me.

From the stunning new collection, which one piece in particular have you been wearing to death?

I’m obsessed with the white floral bandeau dress. It’s fun, flirty, feminine and just super cute. I think it’s a dress you could easily dress up with heels and a clutch for a special occasion or keep casual with sandals and the biker jacket for a daytime look.

What do you tend to watch the most of on YouTube?

My friends and I love watching funny videos while on tour or after a long day of rehearsals and anything Disney!

Favourite Instagram filter?


What item would you wear to:

Wedding? The pink floral dress, who doesn’t love floral at a wedding?

Prom? I’d mix it up and go for the black lace crop top with the monochrome skirt. Its kind if a classic style with a modern twist.

Date Night? The black lace top dress. You instantly feel sexy as soon as you slip it on.

What trend do you love at the minute?

Crop tops! They’re cute, fun and sexy. I love teaming them with a skirt for a flirty and playful look. I have a few options of this style in my collection.

What’s your favourite emoji?

Not sure I could pick just one favourite! But this is an oldie but a goodie: 

Click here for her interview with MailOnline

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Ariana Grande talks Lipsy London collection with MailOnline

On March 2, Ariana Grande’s Lipsy London collection was finally released, and there are tons of outfits and jewellery that you could choose from. She also talked to press about the collection along with general things, below which is an interview with MailOnlineCheck it all out below!



She’s already a pop sensation and beauty guru and now Ariana Grande has proved there’s no end to her talents after turning her hand to fashion design. The pint-sized pop princess has joined forces with British high-street retailer Lipsy to launch a 20-piece fashion range.

Speaking to MailOnline, the 22 year-old actress-turned-singer says the collection is ‘fun, feminine and totally affordable’ and says she feels ‘so lucky’ that she’s had the opportunity to create the range for her fans.

Ariana, who joins Michelle Keegan at the label, says the range offers a new ‘dynamic and directional route of strong fashion silhouettes, on-trend must-haves and wardrobe staples for those who want to make a real fashion statement.’

‘It is full of super cute dresses as well as more edgy separates and wardrobe must-haves. I really hope my fans will love it,’ said the star, who has a staggering 61.4m followers on Instagram. Ariana, who has made the Sixties look her signature, cites ‘eternal and timeless’ Audrey Hepburn as her style icon, as well as her friends and grandmother, who she affectionately calls ‘nonna’.

There’s a ‘Riviera chic’ daywear collection of chic midi skirts and blouses, an array of prom dresses and party wear in Ariana’s signature ‘fit and flare’ shape style. The colour palette is predominantly monochrome with silver and pale nudes and fabrics are thick structured satins, lace, and embroidered organza.

‘I will be so honoured when I see anyone wearing the collection, I can’t even think about anything else,’ she said. Hoping to keep things purse-friendly for her fans, prices start from £35 for dresses and skirts and £32 for tops. The creative star has also added a 30-piece jewellery range with her trademark cat ears and ear cuffs.

Of course, Ariana models the entire range herself and displays her trim figure in the campaign shots. So what’s the secret behind her slim physique?  ‘I have been a vegan for the last few years and it has been a great experience for me,’ she revealed.

‘I try and live a healthy lifestyle; eating right, exercise and sleep are all so important.  ‘I try and stay really active all the time. I like to hike when I can and being on stage is a great workout.’  Whilst she says her schedule can be tiring, she ‘absolutely loves’ what she does and feels really blessed so just tries to live in the moment.

‘I have a great team around me to help me and surrounding myself with family and friends really helps too,’ she added. Ariana has had a stellar career to date after shooting to fame in 2013 and becoming one of the most famous females in pop.

The former Disney star has a combined social media reach across her official accounts of over 115 million fans, as well as being one of the top 10 most followed Instagram users in the world. But the pop princess isn’t resting on her laurels. ‘There is so much left to do!’, she said. ‘I love making music and I can’t wait for my fans to hear my new album.’

Click here for her interview with Miss Vogue

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Ariana Grande’s talks Lipsy London collection with Miss Vogue

On March 2, Ariana Grande’s Lipsy London collection was finally released, and there are tons of outfits and jewellery that you could choose from. She also talked to press about the collection along with general things, below which is an interview with Miss Vogue. Check it all out below!


Don’t get mistaken that with multiple number one singles, 61 million Instagram followers (yes, way more than either Jenners) and boasting an accomplished TV career, Ariana Grande feels like her CV is full. Instead, quite the opposite. Working with Lipsy, the pint-sized popstar is the latest famous face to create her own clothing line and the offering is 100 per cent Ariana. Signature-style skater skirts and cut-out mini-dresses come in candy-pop colours, while lacy crop tops and slinky LBDs would fit right into her on-stage wardrobe.

“I really wanted to do something special for my fans and I am so grateful Lipsy gave me this opportunity. It’s playful, flirty and affordable so I think there is something for everyone. I really hope my fans love it! Honestly, I will just be so honoured to see anyone wearing the collection!,” Ariana told Miss Vogue.

Naturally, when it came to designing the collection, the first place she looked was to her own wardrobe. “We had a lot of images from Instagram and Pinterest as well as some of my favourite red-carpet looks I’ve worn in the past.” The 23-piece collection also features the pieces she relies on to feel most confident: skater dresses and co-ord tops and skirts.

For her red-carpet appearances, Ariana works with a stylist, explaining that recently she has taken a new direction with her sartorial choices, which have been influenced by the sounds of her new album (rumoured to be called Dangerous Woman). “My new music has a bit of an edge to it and I’ve been having fun incorporating that into my style. For the Grammys we really wanted to do something classic with that edge – I loved the Ramona Keveza gown I wore! I think it is important to stay true to who you are and pick things that you really really love.”

Starting out on Nickelodeon as a pre-teen, Ariana admits to having had a fair few outfit blunders: “Who hasn’t?! I’ve been on TV since I was little so there are lots of funny pictures to look back on and say: ‘What was I thinking?!'” She’s since learnt what works for her in and out of the public eye. On lazy days she sticks to a uniform of Victoria’s Secret Pink pyjamas, but when stepping out she will always rely on a heel: “If  you are as petite as I am, heels really help make an outfit.”

But in the mist of clothing upgrades, there is one thing that has stayed a constant: the Ariana Grande ponytail. An on-stage tool that comes into play when flicked and swooshed around and serves well for an over-the-shoulder pose. “I have just always worn my hair that way because its super easy, so I suppose it kind of unintentionally became my signature look.” The secret? “I rely on a really good brush and lots of hairspray.”

With a social-media fan base almost touching 100 million, Ariana is a popstar totally aware of her moral responsibilities. In the past she has voiced her first-hand experiences of gender inequality in the music business and is an ardent feminist. “I think it’s important to speak up about issues that matter and I believe we all have a responsibility to use our voices to help make a difference,” she confesses. “I wish people would be nicer to one another, especially on social media where comments can be so cruel.”

Her floor-filling anthems are rooted in girl power and her Instagram often plays host to images of inspirational women. She name checks Madonna, Audrey Hepburn and Maya Angelou as some of her favourite idols, while the pair at the top of her list is her mum and “nonna” confessing that she couldn’t imagine her life without them.

It’s also her close-knit Italian-American family that she relies on to keep her grounded when the fame game gets a bit too much. “I am so lucky to have them all around a lot. When I do start to feel it, I know I can always count on them to make me feel better.”

The other support she credits: the Arianators, with whom she is looking forward to sharing her new music. “I am just really excited about making music that I love and that my fans love. I mean, without my fans I’d be nothing! They are the most supportive  and loving fans. I like to be able to connect with them and share my life with them.”

Whenever her next new tour begins, no doubt there will be a current theme running throughout the audience: Arianators wearing her Lipsy signature styles.

Click here for her interview with MailOnline

Click here for her interview with Reveal

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Ariana Grande to open a clothing line with Lipsy London

On February 3rd, it has been announced that Ariana Grande will be part of the celebrity collection of the UK clothing store Lipsy London, and she will be having her own clothing line! It has been announced on the official Twitter of Lipsy London earlier today:

She will be launching a 20-plus piece collection for Spring 2016, which will be followed by a Summer 2016 collection.

It’s described as taking direct influences from her iconic performance style with a “directional route of strong fashion silhouettes, on-trend must-haves and wardrobe staples for those who want to make a real fashion statement.”

What we’re most excited about is that alongside the romantic florals and crochet lace, there’s apparently set to be a whole lot of edgy geometric monochrome with pieces designed around her signature ‘fit and flare’ dresses and love of bralet and skirt co-ords.

There’ll be items for every occasion too, with both more understated looks for the daytime and jazzier evening and party pieces.

She said: “It’s so great getting to collaborate with Lipsy to do something special for my fans. The line is youthful, affordable and I know my fans will love it.”

Prices for her pieces are expected to start at £35 for dresses and skirts, with tops at around £32.

We’re so excited, because Arianators have been waiting for so many years for Ariana to have her own clothing line! Are you going to buy one of her outfits?


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Ariana Grande to guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race

It was announced today (January 28th) that Ariana Grande will be appearing as a special guest judge on the 7th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

This season, Ru has lined up the most delicious group of guest judges, including Ariana GrandeDemi Lovato, and Mel B, to help determine which queen will become America’s next drag superstar.

We know Ariana knows how to shake a tail feather on the runway, and after getting nearly stomped on at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, we hope she’ll have a thing or two to say to these queens about serving up some fierce competition.

The 7th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race will premiere on March 2nd on LOGO. Check out the trailer below!

Ariana Grande to perform at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Tonight, Victoria’s Secret has announced the musical guests for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show going on next month, and it looks like Ariana Grande is one of them!

Ariana Grande will be performing at the fashion show on December 9th, in London, and other headliners include Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Are you excited for this! We’re sure we are!

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Ariana Grande Saying Goodbye To Ponytail

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Ariana Grande just posted two pictures on the Instagram.

Ciao pony tail, its been real.. new year new music, new project new chapter new wave – Ariana Grande on Instagram

rip pony tail – Ariana Grande on Instagram

She is officially saying goodbye to hetpony tail now. What kind of hair styles would she wear next? Let us know what you think.