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Ariana Grande surprises fan on ‘Knock Knock Live!’

On July 30, 2015, Fox canceled the show Knock Knock Live!, an American reality show starring Ryan Seacrest on Fox, after two episodes due to extremely low ratings after only two episodes. Ariana Grande‘s surprise didn’t air on TV in those episodes,… Continue Reading →

Ariana Grande visits Taylor Swift in New York City

Last night, on February 13th, Ariana Grande has made a visit in New York City! She made some surprises that we didn’t expect. She went to Taylor Swift’s apartment to visit her (we do not know why yet). Also she… Continue Reading →

PHOTOS: Ariana Grande with fans in New York

Ariana, who is in New York for the Total Ariana Live show by MTV, and she took the day to meet and take pictures with fans. One of the fans who knew where the singer was, the guards took her to the parking… Continue Reading →

PHOTOS: Ariana Grande in NYC

Yesterday at night, Ariana Grande had just arrived in New York City with her crew. Outside her hotel, she went to take pictures with many fans who were waiting for her to come outside. The next day, she comes out… Continue Reading →

Ariana Grande With Fans Outside Her Hotel

Ariana Grande stepped outside her hotel, after the Sam & Cat premiere in the UK, to meet some lucky fans to take pictures with her, especially the girl who has been viral around the internet also know as #CryingGirlAtArianasHotel. Ariana… Continue Reading →

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