Ariana Grande talks new song with Nicki Minaj with Capital FM

Ariana revealed all about the surprises on her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’ & why she loves working with Nicki Minaj with Captial FM in the United Kingdom.

Ariana Grande plus Nicki Minaj is ALWAYS a fierce combination, and the ladies have collaborated once again for Ariana Grande’s new album – and it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to from their new song together.

Ari told Capital exactly why she loves working with Nicki and what fans can expect from their latest track together from her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’. “I think we have this kind of connection and I love her so much, I think she’s a fierce, strong woman and one of the most talented artists, I love her so much.

“We did ‘Bang Bang’ together and then we did ‘Get On Your Knees’ for her album and now we’ve done this together and I’m so incredibly excited about it. It’s one of my favourites on the album, it’s definitely got a different vibe for me especially and I think it might be a fan favourite. It’s very fun.”

Nicki isn’t the only famous face to feature on Ariana’s new record – she’s also enlisted the likes of Lil Wayne, Macy Gray and Future for features – and she told us each star brings a different vibe to their song. “I love a surprise. I feel like each of them brought something completely different to the table and completely killed their verses and just brought so much soul and excitement to the album.

“Macy Gray sounds like a goddess, I’m so grateful that I got to share this song with her. Nicki Minaj killed it as always, I love Future, I’ve been a fan of his forever and it was really exciting to do a song with him and Wayne of course. Each of them really brought their own thing and I’m excited for everyone to hear it. It’s so funny, a lot of people are like ‘what the hell is this going to sound like?’ and I’m just like ‘Just wait for it! Just wait ‘til you hear it!’.”

‘Let Me Love You’, the Lil Wayne feature on ‘Dangerous Woman’ is also set to be an exciting feature, as Ari told us, “I think he’s so dope and I think it’s unexpected as well so he was definitely on my list. He’s been on my list for a while but I haven’t approached him because I didn’t know if the right song would come along and it really did and his verse on it is one of my favourite Wayne verses ever. It sounds like old-school Wayne, he murdered it – he did a fantastic job. It’s throwback Wayne vibes.”

Anyone else counting down the days ’til this album is released? We definitely are!

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Ariana Grande announces Nicki Minaj & Future collaboration on third album with 102.7 KIIS

Ariana Grande has tracks with Future and Nicki Minaj on her upcoming album, Dangerous Woman!

She told JoJo Wright about the collaborations Friday night on March 19th, during 102.7 KIIS FM’s Top 9 at 9. Ariana has previously mentioned she recorded songs with Lil Wayne and Macy Gray for her new album, due out on May 20th.

She took questions from fans who made #JoJoAskAriana trend worldwide on Twitter.

Check out the moment Ariana Grande found out “Dangerous Woman” was the number 1 requested song on KIIS FM!


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Ariana Grande & Meghan Trainor to work with Harry Styles on more new music

Besides working for his own new music album, Harry Styles is busy making music with the “Focus” singer Ariana Grande and the “Dear Future Husband” singer Meghan Trainor for their new songs.

According to a report from Digital Spy, Styles is busy in making his own upcoming album. However, all the music tracks are not his own decisions. Based on the source, the album tracks include songs written for Ariana Grande as well as Trainor. Styles collaborated and worked with Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol and Gary Go for the tracks titled “Endlessly,” “Coco,” “Already Home,” and “5387 Miles,” of his new album.

Styles also worked with McDaid alone in at least four more tracks of the album. It is also expected that the song “Make it Feel Right,” which Styles wrote and recorded in collaboration with the Irish band Kodaline in 2014, could be included in the new album.

Hopefully, this means that Harry has written some songs for Ariana’s upcoming album, Dangerous Woman. This wouldn’t be their first collaboration. Harry wrote Just a Little Bit of Your Heart for Ms. Grande’s sophomore album, My Everything. Back then, Ariana gushed about Harry’s songwriting and said that he managed to make her cry. She said, “I remember when I heard it I was like ‘Wow that’s a really strong verse, that’s really beautiful’ and then the [pre-chorus], I was like ‘wow that’s a really beautiful pre, that’s a really strong pre!’ and then the chorus I was like crying!”

There’s also the possibility that Harry has recorded a romantic duet for his solo debut. That’s at least according to chart-topping star Meghan Trainor, who co-wrote a track with the 1D heartthrob last year. ​”It’s real! It’s a duet. It’s a beautiful song we wrote together on my ukulele,” the ‘All About That Bass’ singer said. “We even recorded a rough demo together with our vocals together. It’s a cute acoustic love thing.”

Based on a report from Inquisitr, Harry Styles writes music enthusiastically. Indeed, his inner artistic thought could come out as something that could make other feel jealous, or could be a frustrating thing for him. In either means, it seems that the former One Direction member is struggling a little.

However, we are definitely not aware of his actual inner struggle to reach his music passion or goal. It seems that Styles’ music is turning to be more serious and solitary nature. In fact, this could probably not because of his own decision, but as the result of his collaboration with others.

Indeed, Harry Styles is missing social life or social activities nowadays, as he is busy with his passion to become a better & professional singer/ songwriter.


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Ariana Grande and Michael Buble to possibly release a duet

Just when you think the news about Ariana’s SNL performance couldn’t get any better. Later on February 25th, rumours have been spiralling after Michael Buble tweet that he has recorded a duet with an artist. The photo tweeteded included a person with a bear onesie facing away from the camera.

It is no doubt that Ariana Grande is the lady behind that adorable onesie! Who else is the ‘hottest and most talented artist in the universe’ right now?! We have seen her wearing that outfit during one of her Meet & Greets at the Honeymoon Tour!


She also looks a tad bit shorter than Buble in that photo, just like in this photo where Ariana joined him during the ‘Michael Bublé’s Christmas in New York’ special last year.


What do you think Arianators? Are you excited or not? Comment below your thoughts!

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Nathan Sykes talks about reuniting with Ariana Grande in ‘Over and Over Again’

On February 4th, an article from Billboard was posted, where Nathan Sykes was interviewed. He takled about collaborating with Ariana Grande once again. Check out the article below:

While Nathan Sykes has landed two top five hits on Billboard‘s Dance Club Songs chart over the past year, don’t expect to find the singer jamming out to his own music on the dance floor.

He topped the dance chart back in August with “Kiss Me Quick” and just climbed up to No. 3 with the remix of “Over and Over Again,” his lush duet with Ariana Grande. The latter was actually released in the U.K. last year, but Sykes had a feeling his old friend could add something special to the ballad.

“I sat there listening to the song when it came on the radio in the U.K., and I said, ‘You know who’d sound great on this?’ — it was just a really random thought — ‘Ariana. She’d sound fantastic on this song.’ And obviously, we’d done ‘Almost Is Never Enough’before, on her debut album Yours Truly, and that’s where I met my executive producer Harmony Samuels. He’s just fantastic. And that’s who I wrote ‘Over and Over Again’ with. So it’s kind of come full-circle. She was really up for it, and she went in and put down an amazing, just beautiful vocal.”


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LISTEN: Nathan Sykes – Over and Over Again (feat. Ariana Grande)

The ex-couple Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande announced about their surprise collab this week and shceduled to release this duet on January 15th!

Without a doubt, the song would’ve leaked sooner or later – and it did! If you want to hear it early, listen to the song consisting of powerhouse vocals in this new song below!


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Ariana Grande to duet with Nathan Sykes’ ‘Over and Over Again’

Looks like all of the rumours between the two ex-lovers having a feud have all come to an end with this surprise!

On January 9th, Nathan Sykes went to Twitter to announce that he will have a special duet with somebody on another version of his recent single Over and Over Again, and Ariana has liked the tweet, sparking rumours of the two stars coming together to sing this song.

On January 10th, Ariana Grande herself spilled the tea and tweeted the lyrics to the song she has recorded with Nathan!!

Nathan didn’t lie when he tweeted earlier that January was going to be an interesting month. Now all of the two fandoms are going crazy between this surprise, considering that the two singers have dated back in 2013. We just couldn’t get enough after hearing the two sing Almost Is Never Enough 3 years ago… but how did the fans react?

What are your thoughts on this duet? Comment down below on what you think! The song is expected to come out January 15th.

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Ariana Grande & Andrea Bocelli to perform at the 2016 Sanremo Festival

Just like every year, television network RAI is intending to invite big stars to perform as guests during the 2016 Sanremo Festival. It has been announced on December 9th that Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande confirmed to be guest acts in the event! It is most likely that the two stars will perform E Piu Ti Penso for the first time LIVE! It is unknown when the two stars will perform as it is a 5-day event!

Italian national broadcaster gears up for the 2016 edition of Sanremo Festival, the winner of which will be given the right to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest next May in Stockholm if he/she wants.

RAI already announced the Newcomers for the festival and in few weeks they will announce the Established participants in it.

Carlo Conti will host the show again and probably Il Volo will accompany him on stage. For sure, aside to Carlo Conti we will see Sabrina Ferilli and Monica Bellucci.


First Night: February 9th (Tuesday)

Second Night: February 10th

Third Night: February 11th

Fourth Night: February 12th

Fifth Night: The Final – February 13th

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LISTEN: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean (feat. Ariana Grande) [Remix]

On October 16th, Justin Bieber has released the pre order of his upcoming album, PURPOSE, and he has given us a surprise.

Justin Bieber has a track with Ariana Grande, which is the remix of his hit song What Do You Mean! Justin has teased this remix a few days before the pre order when he mentions Ariana about it.

Justin’s album Purpose was out in stores November 13th.

WORTH IT OR WORTHLESS? Listen to the remix below!

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Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber announces remix for ‘What Do You Mean?’

On October 16th, Justin Bieber has released the pre order of his upcoming album, PURPOSE, and he has given us a surprise.

Justin Bieber has a track with Ariana Grande, which is the remix of his hit song What Do You Mean! Justin has teased this remix a few days before the pre order when he mentions Ariana about it.

Justin’s album Purpose will be out in stores November 13th. Check out their promo video below!

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Ariana Grande & Andrea Bocelli’s ‘E Piu Ti Penso’ video release date announced

On October 9th, Ariana Grande’s team took it to her Facebook page and released information about the music video she has with Andrea Bocelli in E Piu Ti Penso. The music video for ‘E Piu Te Penso’ with Andrea Bocelli comes out next Tuesday Oct 13th on VEVO! Check out the preview of the video + stills below!


The music video for ‘E Piu Te Penso’ with Andrea Bocelli comes out next Tuesday Oct 13th on Vevo! Spotify: iTunes:<3 Team Ariana

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Ariana Grande to possibly tour with Justin Bieber worldwide

Justin Bieber — who took to Twitter to announce he’ll release his new album Nov. 13 — is keeping mum about a massive worldwide tour that will follow, a source tells Confidenti@l exclusively.

“The whole thing will hopefully end in several (U.S.) stadium dates with special guest Ariana Grande, ” said our insider. “This is in the very early stages but serious conversations are taking place.”

We hear nothing has been finalized yet, but both camps have told their people that they want to make it happen.

“They would both perform their solo hits then team up together for several duets,” says the source.

In April, Bieber and Grande performed during her “Honeymoon Tour” at the Forum in L.A. The twosome sang “Love Me Harder” and “As Long As You Love Me.” They also made a surprise appearance together at her show in Miami.

“There is a ton of crossover in their fan base,” another music source says. “If it does happen, it will be the top tour of 2016, pulling in hundreds of millions for the two singers.”

There has been no official word yet on details from either artist’s camp, but we’re told discussions have been moving forward fast.

“It’s Justin’s tour, so he would open the show. Then they can decide what they’ll perform together and what they’ll do solo. They’d likely unite at the end of the show for a hit.”

Meanwhile, Bieber’s latest pot stunt didn’t seem to faze his fans — the singer smoked weed and drank Hennessy on stage during a recent gig in New Zealand, reports TMZ. He was performing at a show in Auckland with hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd when he lit a joint and poured booze on the stage.

A source told the site that Bieber “did it on a dare.” He’s been in Australia and New Zealand to promote the album, reportedly titled “Purpose.” Its release date of Nov. 13 coincides with when One Direction will drop “Made in the A.M.”

Source: NY Daily News

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VIDEO: Ariana Grande talks singing with Andrea Bocelli in ‘E Piu Ti Penso’

On Septebmber 29th, the Italian singer Andrea Bocelli posted a video on his channel regarding his album Cinema. In the video there is a little behind the scenes of the producers talking about Ariana in this duet. Ariana Grande talking about making music with the singer and what it was like to record the music video.

Discover the songs from Andrea Bocelli’s new album, ‘Cinema’, including “E Piú Ti Penso”, a wonderful duet featuring Ariana Grande.

According to some Italian media outlets, there is a music video, directed by Gaetano Morbioli, for this song, and it was was shot in places in Italy and Tokyo. The video is set to be released soon! Check out the video below!


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Nick Jonas hints a possible collaboration with Ariana Grande

From Broadway babe and Jonas bro, to major film and TV star, Nick Jonas has extended his wide-ranging talents into various fields of entertainment and these days shows no signs of slowing down.

This fall, he’ll next tackle life as a “fraternity dude” in the anticipated Fox series Scream Queens. While co-creator Ryan Murphy enlisted both Nick and fellow songbird Ariana Grande to round out the all-star cast, don’t expect the pair to pull a Glee and break out into song.

“This project is solely acting. None of us are singing,” he told ETonline. But while the two will not be lending their killer singing voices on the show, that doesn’t completely rule out a future collaboration.

The ‘Jealous’ singer revealed to ETonline that he and Ariana wrote some songs that didn’t make her latest album. “We wrote a bunch of songs a couple years ago when she first started making her record, but it didn’t end up in on the record though,” he revealed. “We wrote together then and had a great time writing.”

He later added, “Maybe there’s a collaboration somewhere down the road.”

Who wouldn’t love to hear a duet between these two pop icons? Listen to the interview below!

Ariana Grande’s third album to feature Justin Bieber + songs about Big Sean

On June 1st, we’ve received exclusive news about Ariana Grande’s third album ‘Moonlight’ from The Gossip Table.  Ariana Grande blew up the internet as she secretly revealed to Twitter that the title of her third album is Moonlight. The Gossip Table has information saying that it will include a Justin Bieber feature, as well as songs about her ex-boyfriend, Big Sean.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean broke up around April, and it was very heartbreaking to hear that, and it’s no surprise that Justin Bieber will be featured on the album since last year this photo of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande was posted about their duet that has never been released.


Watch the video where The Gossip Table spills the tea:

Ariana Grande to collaborate with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have teased a collaboration before, but now there’s visual proof that the pair of pop superstars have spent studio time together. On Thursday night (May 1), the Biebs posted an Instagram photo of himself standing next to Grande’s unmistakable ponytail.

“congrats @arianagrande on your number 1 song. #arianabieberduet ??” Bieber posted as a super-sneaky caption. The photo finds Bieber looking particularly emotional in the studio — perhaps the upcoming collaboration is just that moving?

“I know that Justin wants to write [a song] if we’re going to do something,” Grande told Billboard in October when asked about a possible Bieber collaboration. “So it can’t just be me being like, ‘Hey, do you like this?’ He has to sit down and take the time to think about it, which is really cool.”

Grande revealed to Billboard that her sophomore album is due out in August or September, and its lead single, “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea, is headed for a massive debut on next week’s charts. Grande’s follow-up to last year’s “Yours Truly” will feature collaborations with Zedd, Rodney Jerkins and Max Martin, while a collaboration with Chris Brown, for his upcoming “X” album, has also been recorded.