Ariana Grande is featured in Reebok’s “Be More Human” campaign

On July 16th, Reebok announced their #BeMoreHuman campaign,which encourages people to be the best possible version of themselves physically, mentally and socially, and celebrating women who are helping bring positive change to the world. Ariana Grande is one of the celebrities featured in it along with other woman such as GiGi Hadid, Gal Gadot, and more!

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LISTEN: The Light Is Coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) + Sweetener release (August 17)

On June 20th, Ariana Grande released her collaboration with Nicki Minaj titled The Light Is Coming! The track is a promo single off of Ariana’s upcoming album Sweetener, as the preorder for the album is out as well! This is the 5th track that the duo has collaborated on a song.

The pre-order also revealed the release date of the album, which is August 17th!

Listen to the song below!


LISTEN: Nicki Minaj – Bed (feat. Ariana Grande)

On June 14th, Nicki Minaj released her collaboration with Ariana Grande titled Bed! The track will be featured on Nicki’s upcoming album Queen.

This is the 4th track that the duo has collaborated on a song. Their 5th song The Light Is Coming from Ariana’s upcoming album Sweetener will be released on June 20th along with the preorder

Listen to the song below!


LISTEN: Troye Sivan – Dance To This (feat. Ariana Grande)

On June 13th, Troye Sivan released his collaboration with Ariana Grande titled Dance To This! Listen to the song below!


Nicki Minaj to release “Bed” featuring Ariana Grande on June 14th

On June 11th, it was announced that Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have worked on another track titled Bed which will be released June 14th! The two artists posted a photo of themselves in a pool, which is revealed to be the artwork of the track that will be on Nicki’s upcoming album Queen.

“Bed out Thursday #Queen @nickiminaj i love you forever & ever,” Grande said with the post, referencing Minaj’s album Queen due August 10.

This collaboration will precede the June 20 release of “The Light Is Coming,”. This will be the fourth and fifth track that the duo have collaborated on a track together!

Troye Sivan to release “Dance To This” featuring Ariana Grande on June 13th

Bloom is the followup to Blue Neighbourhood, which cracked the top 10 in the U.S. and Australia in 2015 and earned Sivan two ARIA Awards. Sivan’s TRXYE(2014) and Wild (2015) EPs both peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200.

LISTEN: Arturo Sandoval & Pharrell Williams – Arturo Sandoval (feat. Ariana Grande)

On May 3rd, Artruo Sandoval released a song titled his name with Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande. The song will be a part of the artist’s upcoming album Ultimate Duets, set to release on May 18, 2018. Listen to the song below:


Troye Sivan announces collaboration with Ariana Grande

On February 22nd, Troye Sivan announced that he and the Dangerous Woman herself have an upcoming collaboration. He spilled the tea in a recent interview on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.


The singer confirmed on his Twitter that he and his “pop queen” have a song coming out. Sivan gave no info as to whether it would be on his upcoming sophomore album, which is expected to drop this year.

PHOTOS: Ariana Grande’s shoot in her collaboration with Reebok

On January 18th, promotional photos of Ariana Grande’s collaboration with Reebok has been released.

She joins Rae Sremmurd, Sharina Gutierrez, Teyana Taylor, Lil Yachty, graffiti artists Felipe Pantone and Sany and K-pop sensation Somi in a new campaign for Reebok in time of the release of the icoic shoe brands (Freestyle Hi, Classic Leather, Club C and Workout Plus).

The Spring/Summer 2018 rollout is honoring “a heritage firmly rooted in encouraging self-expression and embracing nonconformity.”

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Ariana Grande talks with Women’s Health at Reebok event

On September 20th, Ariana Grande attended a press event for her partnership with Reebok. She talked to Women’s Health about her collaboration and much more.

As an international pop sensation touring the globe for most of this year, Ariana Grande has built a home-away-from-home on the road with her band, her dancers, her friends, and her fans. But now that her Dangerous Woman Tour has come to a close, the newly-minted Reebok ambassador is preparing to take some time for herself.

We caught up with the superstar in Hong Kong at an event celebrating her new partnership with the athletic brand, just one day before the final show of the tour. Editors were immersed in a “day in the life” of the “Into You” singer, starting bright and early with a workout with her trainer Harley Pasternak, followed by a styling session with her go-to guru Law Roach and a choreography lesson with her dancers and creative directors Brian and Scott Nicholson.

With countless packed days like this one over the past seven months, you’d think Ariana might be kind of over life on the road. But during a Q&A session, she seemed most at home talking about the “really beautiful family” that’s formed among her touring crew. “All we need is each other, and we have all the stress release, all the fun that we need,” she said. “It’s so much fun. I love them so much. I don’t want to go home.”

After a life-changing year on the road, marked by a terrorist attack at her Manchester, England, concert in May, Ariana plans to shift her focus now that her show has officially wrapped. “I think what I’m probably going to do is check in on my health,” she says. “I’m going to see my doctors and get a checkup and do some things that I’ve been pushing off for a while.” She’s also looking forward to quality downtime with her family. “It’s been a while since I’ve been home, since February. It’s been a lot emotionally. It’s been a very challenging journey for all of us involved. So it would be nice to really hold my loved ones close for a little while, stay home for a little bit.”

Even though she won’t be connecting with crowds of fans nightly for the time being, Ariana, who has 114 million dedicated Instagram followers, will still be spreading her message of female empowerment through her new Reebok campaign. “We have a very similar goal, which is to inspire people to be themselves unapologetically and embrace who they are [and] see all the different kinds of beauty that there is,” she says. “I don’t usually do things like this, but I really—we have a lot in common. We believe all the same things, and the idea of bringing that message to my fans on a broader scale is really exciting to me.”

Ariana’s “Arianators” are always at the forefront of her mind, she says. “I love what I do. I think one of my favorite things about it is being able to have an impact on my fans’ lives, and to be there for them, and to know that what I’m creating is helping them in some way,” she says. “Even if it’s just making them feel empowered when they’re getting ready in the morning, or helping them through a heartbreak, or to find something they love about themselves. Just making them dance in the car on the way to school in the morning. I just like being able to have a connection with them, and I care a lot about that. So it’s a really beautiful thing. I think about them with everything I create.”

Fans can expect that commitment to continue even during her time off. “Knowing me, I’m going to be in the studio, probably, at the same time, because I love it, and I want to create,” she says, adding that she plans to take her time perfecting the new music she started working on more than a year ago. “I’ll be rested and ready to go again as soon as possible, because I just love this so much.”


Ariana Grande announces partnership with Reebok

On September 13th, Reebok announces their collaboration with Ariana Grande!

International pop star Ariana Grande is more than a dangerous woman, as her hit song describes. She’s an inspiration to an entire generation around the globe, including the 113 million fans that follow her on Instagram.

Today Reebok joins those legions of “Arianators” and officially announces Grande as its newest brand ambassador. The move continues our track record of partnering with some of today’s most confident women in entertainment and fitness.

Grande inspires millions of fans around the globe with her willingness to challenge conventions. From her lyrics to her tweets to her loyalty with her fans, Grande is constantly pushing women around the world to be their best selves.

“Reebok encourages and enables self-belief and aspiration,” she says, “and I’m excited to partner with those whose mission it is to inspire confidence and enable people to define fitness on their own terms.”

Reebok encourages and enables self-belief and aspiration, and I’m excited to partner with those whose mission it is to inspire confidence and enable people to define fitness on their own terms.

As a women’s-first sportswear brand, Reebok believes in the power and strength that resides within women around the world, and together with Grande we’ll empower those women to become the best versions of themselves.

With today’s pressures and social media culture, Grande is a positive example to younger generations that they should embrace imperfections and love their bodies.

“Like Reebok, I fiercely stand for those who express themselves, celebrate their individuality and push boundaries. I’m an advocate for people accepting themselves for who they are. Reebok’s message of enabling and encouraging self-belief and self-betterment is something I fundamentally live by. I’m honored to partner with a brand whose mission is to inspire people to be the best possible version of themselves,” she says.

Reebok and Grande are on a mission to unite women around the world to prove we’re truly better together.