Ariana Grande to Collaborate with Chris Brown

The secret duet has been revealed! Ariana Grande’s collaboration will be with the one and only, Chris Brown!

Ariana Grande has recently followed Chris Brown, and Chris Brown favourited a tweet about the collaboration!


There has been more evidence on February 16th, where Ariana Grande and Chris Brown tweeted quotes supposedly lyrics. They tweeted it on the exact same time, and the tweets they posted rhymes! They both retweeted each other’s tweet. The duet is obvious.





This will be on the second album for Ariana Grande. So what do you think guys? Is this a good duet? Leave a comment down below!


Ariana Grande to Collaborate with Demi Lovato

A photo of Demi Lovato’s next album “Wish List” tracklisting has been going around the internet and there are surprising news that Ariana Grande herself will be featured in the album.

The new duo apparently has made a song together called Material which will be 3:12 minutes long. This is supposedly a rumor, so nothing has been confirmed yet. This could possibly be fake? But it is accurate because Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande were talking about collaborating a while back.

We will have to wait for Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato themselves to tell us information.

Here’s the photo of the tracklisting: