Ariana Grande performs at Capital FM’s Up Close

On September 4th, Ariana performed at Capital Up Close at the KOKO Camden in London, England, a showcase concert hosted by Capital FM for fans to see their favourite artist perform. Check out photos and videos below!



Ariana Grande performs at Capital’s Summertime Ball 2016

On June 11th, Ariana Grande performed at the 2016 Capital FM Summertime Ball, a mini-festival held each June by Global Radio at the Wembley Stadium in London, EnglandThis is her second time performing here and she hopes to perform next time.

She performed a medley of her biggest hits from My Everything and Dangerous Woman – Problem, One Last Time, Bang Bang, Dangerous Woman, Into You, and so much more!

Check out all of the photos + videos below!

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Meet & Greet





Ariana Grande to perform at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball 2016

On April 26th, it has been officially announced that Ariana Grande will join the line up for the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2016! It will take place in the UK on June 11th!

Fresh off the success of her new single, ‘Dangerous Woman’, Ari will no doubt be bringing some new songs from her brand new album as well as some of her classics we all know and love.

Ariana told Capital what we can expect from her performance, “I’m so, so, so excited. You’ll have to wait and see, I’m not going to ruin any surprises. I’m really excited to be performing new material and to see my fans, it’s not often that I get to come and perform out here so I’m very excited. I’ll see you there!”

Capital’s Summertime Ball With Vodafone Lineup… So Far

  • Little Mix
  • Craig David
  • Mike Posner
  • Sigala
  • Nathan Sykes
  • Flo Rida
  • Tinie Tempah
  • Ariana Grande

Ariana joins the likes of Little Mix, Flo Rida, Nathan Sykes and MORE for the biggest music event of the summer! Who’s excited?!

Capital’s Summertime Ball with Vodafone, returns to the world-famous Wembley Stadium on Saturday June 11th. Tickets go on sale this Thursday (28th April) at 8 AM GMT.

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Ariana Grande talks new song with Nicki Minaj with Capital FM

Ariana revealed all about the surprises on her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’ & why she loves working with Nicki Minaj with Captial FM in the United Kingdom.

Ariana Grande plus Nicki Minaj is ALWAYS a fierce combination, and the ladies have collaborated once again for Ariana Grande’s new album – and it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to from their new song together.

Ari told Capital exactly why she loves working with Nicki and what fans can expect from their latest track together from her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’. “I think we have this kind of connection and I love her so much, I think she’s a fierce, strong woman and one of the most talented artists, I love her so much.

“We did ‘Bang Bang’ together and then we did ‘Get On Your Knees’ for her album and now we’ve done this together and I’m so incredibly excited about it. It’s one of my favourites on the album, it’s definitely got a different vibe for me especially and I think it might be a fan favourite. It’s very fun.”

Nicki isn’t the only famous face to feature on Ariana’s new record – she’s also enlisted the likes of Lil Wayne, Macy Gray and Future for features – and she told us each star brings a different vibe to their song. “I love a surprise. I feel like each of them brought something completely different to the table and completely killed their verses and just brought so much soul and excitement to the album.

“Macy Gray sounds like a goddess, I’m so grateful that I got to share this song with her. Nicki Minaj killed it as always, I love Future, I’ve been a fan of his forever and it was really exciting to do a song with him and Wayne of course. Each of them really brought their own thing and I’m excited for everyone to hear it. It’s so funny, a lot of people are like ‘what the hell is this going to sound like?’ and I’m just like ‘Just wait for it! Just wait ‘til you hear it!’.”

‘Let Me Love You’, the Lil Wayne feature on ‘Dangerous Woman’ is also set to be an exciting feature, as Ari told us, “I think he’s so dope and I think it’s unexpected as well so he was definitely on my list. He’s been on my list for a while but I haven’t approached him because I didn’t know if the right song would come along and it really did and his verse on it is one of my favourite Wayne verses ever. It sounds like old-school Wayne, he murdered it – he did a fantastic job. It’s throwback Wayne vibes.”

Anyone else counting down the days ’til this album is released? We definitely are!

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Ariana Grande talks Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift on Capital FM

On March 29th, Ariana Grande started her radio tour as she first went to visit Capital FM studios to have an interview! She, of course, talks about her upcoming album Dangerous Woman, and other information regarding Taylor Swift, and recently unfollowing Justin Bieber! Check it all out below!

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The ‘Dangerous Woman’, herself, popped by to chat to Roman Kemp about all things in the world of Ariana Grande (and a little bit of Tinder-ing too, of course!)

That’s when Roman asked if Ariana would join Taylor Swift’s squad anytime soon… After all,he’s pretty much already in the squad, so we reckon he can start inviting people too!

Grande seemed pretty keen on the idea… As long as she didn’t have to do any weird, creepy initiations to be involved!

Beliebers and Arianators went full on cray-cray last weekend when they discovered that – duh-duh-duuuuuuh – Ariana and Justin were no longer following each other on Twitter.

Ariana dropped by Capital this week to chat to Dave Berry, George & Lilah, and they HAD to get to the bottom of this.

“Oh s***, what happened? I didn’t know that this happened”, she revealed to the Capital Breakfast hosts.

“But I followed him back! […] There’s no drama to report, I’m a very boring co-host!” – PHEW!

During Roman’s chat with the ‘Dangerous Woman’, Ariana Grande, his phone went off. #FirstWorldProblems.

And being the absolute star that Ari is, she let Roman check it out… But we’re starting to think she may regret that.

After all, when Roman’s not being told he’s boyfriend material from Selena Gomez, he’s on Tinder.

Ariana Grande to perform at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2015

On November 4th, Ariana Grande has been confirmed to perform at Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball with Coca Cola this December!

As if the line up wasn’t exciting enough already, the ‘Focus’ star will be taking to the stage at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday 5th December.

Captial has had THOUSANDS of Tweets asking for Ari to be added to the bill, and she will be joining the likes of Jason Derulo and Little Mix on this year’s MASSIVE line-up. Other performers include:
  • Jason Derulo
  • Years & Years
  • Jess Glynne
  • Nathan Sykes
  • David Guetta

Loads of fans guessed that Ms Grande was joining the #CapitalJBB line-up after a less-than-subtle clue drawn by fellow Ball performer Jason Derulo a few days ago.

“I’m so very excited because I’m a festive person and it’s going to be a blast, I’m so excited! I’m going to be the funniest, most festive person you’ve ever seen!” – Ariana, as she is excited to perform for the fans once again.

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Nick Jonas wants to kiss Ariana Grande rather than marry or leave

On June 6th, during the Capital FM’s 2015 Summertime Ball, Nick Jonas had an interview backstage before performing “Jealous” onstage. He was asked to play a game of “Lips, Wife, Leave It”, which is the PG13 version of “Fuck, Marry, Kill”, and he had three people to chose: Kelly Clarkson, Meghan Trainor, and Ariana Grande.

He would leave (kill) Kelly Clarkson because she is already married, wife (marry) Meghan Trainor because she is his “homie”, and he would lips Ariana Grande, and we all know what that means in the original version of the game!!

But out of all seriousness, Nick Jonas doesn’t really want that to happen. He explains, “That is what was left, that is the option that was left. There’s no real deep thinking behind it.”

Check out the interview below!

Ariana Grande says Moonlight’s release “could be next month”

On June 6th, Ariana Grande performed at the 2015 Summertime Ball and also had an interview backstage. It’s a VERY good time to be an Arianator… because it Ariana Grande’s just revealed the first details about her new album!

Speaking to Marvin backstage at Capital’s Summertime Ball with Vodafone, Ariana revealed, “I’ve been working on a lot of new music, I’ve been really inspired lately and I’m really proud of it. I feel like this is definitely the best music I’ve made but I’m definitely very proud of it, I’m very excited but it’s a long time away of course but I’m always talking about it way too early because I can’t resist sharing these things with my fans.”

And it looks like you guys will probably be hearing the record a lot sooner than planned! Ariana joked, “My fans are like my best friends, I go online and I blab out a whole bunch of stuff that I shouldn’t say and I just got Snapchat so god knows, my whole album will be leaked in two days!”

And as for whether the record will be dropping this year, Ari said, “I have no idea but the music is coming together so quickly, I really don’t like to rush these things but it’s all just coming together so quickly that I have no idea. I have no idea, I feel like it could be next month!”

It’s not the first time Ms Grande has teased fans with news on her third album, the follow-up to her 2014 release ‘My Everything’, which is believed to be called ‘Moonlight’.

Ariana’s been posting the new title a LOT on her social media accounts over the past week, and seemingly confirmed in messages with fans that both her album, a new song AND a new tour could well be called ‘Moonlight’, she’s even changed her Twitter bio to reflect it! Check out the interview below!

Source: Capital FM

Ariana also revealed that a song from her new album ‘Moonlight’ had been inspired by “this boy” that she had been dating, “It’s about this very cute night we had together. I have a playlist of 12 songs already. I plan on writing a lot more as soon as I get home. It’s the most personal music I’ve ever written.”

And as well as finding another special someone, Ari’s also feeling more comfortable in herself these days. She revealed, “The more I experience life, the more music I make, the more performances I do, the more stable I am.

“Instead of getting wrapped up in this superficial bulls**t that comes with this job, I’ve separated myself from my artist persona and as a person I’ve become really healthy. And I don’t give a f***. I’ve been on tour for three and a half months and I haven’t done an interview in forever.”

Ariana Grande performs at 2015 Summertime Ball

On June 6th, Ariana Grande performed at the 2015 Capital FM Summertime Ball,  mini-festival held each June by Global Radio at the Wembley Stadium in London, England.

She wore all black; heels, hoodie, everything! She performed a medley of her biggest hits – Problem, One Last Time, and Bang Bang. Check out all of the photos + videos below~



One Last Time

Bang Bang

Ariana Grande to perform at Summertime Ball 2015

The Capital Summertime Ball 2015 with Vodafone line-up has now been revealed on April 30… and there are some SERIOUSLY big names joining the show this year at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 6th June for the party of the YEAR!

Global superstar Ariana Grande has been announced as part of their year’s amazing bill of artists, ready to bring hits like ‘Problem’ and ‘One Last Time’ to life on the Summertime Ball stage.