LISTEN: Ariana Grande – Everyday (feat. Future)

On May 12th, as Ariana Grande continues to release more songs from Dangerous Woman before its release, she premieres the song Everyday (feat. Future) on Apple Music and Beats 1 Radio! Listen to the audio below!

Ariana said that she will be premiering a new song from the album everyday until the release, May 20th!

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Ariana Grande to collaborate on the “Trolls” soundtrack

On May 6th, Justin Timberlake took part in the radio program of On Air With Ryan Seacrest and talked about the soundtrack of the upcoming animated movie Trolls, since he is producing the soundtrack.

During the chat, he confirmed that he and producer Max Martin wrote a song for Ariana Grande and Gwen Stefani, who will both be a part of the soundtrack.

“We started working on the soundtrack and I just felt really inspired and it kind of worked its way in me to working on another record,” he teased. “[The album is] in such an infant stage right now, so I don’t have any plans [to release it yet].”

The movie now has the theme song Can’t Stop The Feeling, launched by the singer this Friday. The film will premiere this November in theatres.

Ariana Grande reveals Dangerous Woman tracklist + Japanese bonus tracks

On April 16th, Ariana Grande surprised us on Instagram with the Dangerous Woman tracklist! Along with a small photoshoot posted, check out the 15 song titles below!

On her Japanese edition of the album, it consists of 3 bonus tracks exclusively, one of which we’re very familiar with!

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1. Moonlight 
2. Dangerous Woman
3. Be Alright
4. Into You 
5. Side To Side (feat. Nicki Minaj)
6. Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne)
7. Greedy 
8. Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray)
9. Everyday (feat. Future)
10. Sometimes
11. I Don’t Care
12. Bad Decisions 
13. Touch It
14. Knew Better/Forever Boy 
15. Thinkin Bout You 

Japanese Edition

16. Step On Up ☆
17. Jason’s Song (Gave It Away)
18. Focus

Ariana Grande talks new song with Nicki Minaj with Capital FM

Ariana revealed all about the surprises on her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’ & why she loves working with Nicki Minaj with Captial FM in the United Kingdom.

Ariana Grande plus Nicki Minaj is ALWAYS a fierce combination, and the ladies have collaborated once again for Ariana Grande’s new album – and it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to from their new song together.

Ari told Capital exactly why she loves working with Nicki and what fans can expect from their latest track together from her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’. “I think we have this kind of connection and I love her so much, I think she’s a fierce, strong woman and one of the most talented artists, I love her so much.

“We did ‘Bang Bang’ together and then we did ‘Get On Your Knees’ for her album and now we’ve done this together and I’m so incredibly excited about it. It’s one of my favourites on the album, it’s definitely got a different vibe for me especially and I think it might be a fan favourite. It’s very fun.”

Nicki isn’t the only famous face to feature on Ariana’s new record – she’s also enlisted the likes of Lil Wayne, Macy Gray and Future for features – and she told us each star brings a different vibe to their song. “I love a surprise. I feel like each of them brought something completely different to the table and completely killed their verses and just brought so much soul and excitement to the album.

“Macy Gray sounds like a goddess, I’m so grateful that I got to share this song with her. Nicki Minaj killed it as always, I love Future, I’ve been a fan of his forever and it was really exciting to do a song with him and Wayne of course. Each of them really brought their own thing and I’m excited for everyone to hear it. It’s so funny, a lot of people are like ‘what the hell is this going to sound like?’ and I’m just like ‘Just wait for it! Just wait ‘til you hear it!’.”

‘Let Me Love You’, the Lil Wayne feature on ‘Dangerous Woman’ is also set to be an exciting feature, as Ari told us, “I think he’s so dope and I think it’s unexpected as well so he was definitely on my list. He’s been on my list for a while but I haven’t approached him because I didn’t know if the right song would come along and it really did and his verse on it is one of my favourite Wayne verses ever. It sounds like old-school Wayne, he murdered it – he did a fantastic job. It’s throwback Wayne vibes.”

Anyone else counting down the days ’til this album is released? We definitely are!

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Ariana Grande announces Nicki Minaj & Future collaboration on third album with 102.7 KIIS

Ariana Grande has tracks with Future and Nicki Minaj on her upcoming album, Dangerous Woman!

She told JoJo Wright about the collaborations Friday night on March 19th, during 102.7 KIIS FM’s Top 9 at 9. Ariana has previously mentioned she recorded songs with Lil Wayne and Macy Gray for her new album, due out on May 20th.

She took questions from fans who made #JoJoAskAriana trend worldwide on Twitter.

Check out the moment Ariana Grande found out “Dangerous Woman” was the number 1 requested song on KIIS FM!


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Ariana Grande talks SNL preparation & Dangerous Woman on The Elvis Duran Show

On March 15th, Ariana Grande went to stop by more radio stations in New York City. In the morning, the singer joined the Elvis Duran Show with Elvis to talk about the whole album. Ariana has stated that there will be 15 tracks in the album, but there might will be different versions of the album, which will include more songs. Check out the photos + videos below!

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Leaving Z100 studios


Ariana Grande announces “Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray)” on KTU 103.5

A glowing Ariana Grande stopped by to see KTU 103.5‘s show Cubby and Carolina Tuesday morning. Hot off her AMAZING episode of Saturday Night Live she showed up in tall boots, her signature pony tail and a big camo coat. C&C asked her about all things SNL, the new album and got into a conversation about that time she was spanked on stage by her idol MADONNA!!

Then she revealed to them another collaboration on her upcoming album, Leave Me Alone (feat. Macy Gray). Ariana talks about how she wrote it with Victoria Monet, and Tommy Brown is the producer. Check out the interview below!

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Ariana Grande talks Kesha & Dangerous Woman on 97.1 AMP Radio

On March 11th,  Ariana Grande just released “Dangerous Woman” and she came by AMP Radio to catch up with Michelle about her latest album!

She gave us some insight into why she changed the name of her album from “Moonlight” to “Dangerous” woman. She describes her new album as “darker, more mature, a very nice blend between the R&B stuff I’ve done in the past and the pop stuff I’ve done in the past.”

She gave us some insight into why she changed the name of her album from “Moonlight” to “Dangerous” woman. She describes her new album as “darker, more mature, a very nice blend between the R&B stuff I’ve done in the past and the pop stuff I’ve done in the past.”

She also talked to Michelle about her SNL performance (tomorrow night!), working with MAC again in the future & so much more.


While at 97.1 AMP Radio station, Ariana Grande stopped by The Daly Download with Carson Daly, and the topic of Kesha and women’s issues came up.

She gave an honest and heartfelt answer when asked about her fellow female artist.

“I love Kesha,” says Grande with conviction. “I worked with her when I was a lot younger. We’ve been friends, I support her, regardless of what’s going on. I didn’t know about a lot of this, at the time I was really young. We didn’t discuss any of this. The incredible double standards that we [women] face on a daily basis, in the industry and just in the world, it’s shocking. I would be so amused, and pardon me if this comes across as sexist, but I don’t think a male artist would be in this position right now. Sorry.”

And when asked if she is worried about being so open with her support of Kesha, Grande didn’t hesitate to respond.

“If I’m speaking out about something I’m passionate about, I’m willing to take the brunt for fighting for what I believe in. And my fellow women are definitely something that I will always be one of the first to speak up about.”

Source: 97.1 AMP

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Ariana Grande talks Dangerous Woman at On Air With Ryan Seacrest

On March 11th, Ariana Grande appeared on Friday’s “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to discuss her new single “Dangerous Woman,” as well as pulling double duty as the host and musical guest of this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The sultry, femme fatale single features Ari flexing her muscular vocals over minimalist production as she ruminates on a relationship that elicits her bad self. “Dangerous Woman” is quite a departure from her flamboyant pop hits “Focus,” “Break Free,” and “One Last Time,” and the cut itself serves as a teaser for the thematic maturity on her next album.

“The album is definitely the next step for me,” she revealed during her in-studio interview Friday morning. “It still sounds like me, but it feels like a more mature, evolved version. There’s a nice blend of the R&B vibes and a nice blend of pop vibes. The whole body of work is a little darker and sexier and more mature.”

The 15-track LP — featuring collaborations with producers Max MartinTommy BrownVictoria Monet and Savan Kotecha — also includes the unreleased track “Let Me Love You,” a song that was written and recorded “over a year and half ago.” Like the Lil Wayne-assisted “Let Me Love You,” the other songs on the record will all paint a similar narrative from that epoch. “It’s interesting,” she cryptically teased.

The album, previously named after the song “Moonlight,” was renamed to illustrate the secure and empowered woman she is today and to rewrite the negative connotations of a woman in charge.

“I feel like this song represents more accurately where I’m at now,” she said, “and I feel like I want the [album] title to represent where I’m at as well. I want it to be strong and empowering because I’ve come into my own a little bit, where as before, I think I was afraid to be myself and make decisions and speak out about things I’m passionate about because I thought it would make me experience some of the stereotypes that women in power often face.”

Today, Ari is on the forefront of a boisterous feminist movement and has even written a “feminist manifesto” on the misogyny and double standards found in media coverage. The singer now has formed her own opinion on women who walk tall and speak their mind. “To me, that’s dangerous,” she said — and by dangerous, she means boss.

This weekend, Ari will kick off her media blitz and attend Saturday Night Live to deliver the debut live performance of “Dangerous Woman” and the new song “Be Alright,” out next Friday (March 18). Additionally, the former Nickelodeon star will host the live program for the first time ever and participate in a few self-deprecating sketches.

“Going into this, I wanted to make sure they didn’t hold back,” she said. “I really want them to make an [a**] out of me. I said, ‘Please! I want to be an idiot. I want to be a full-out idiot. I will do anything! Let’s be funny, ugly, dirty — let’s do it!'”

You can purchase “Dangerous Woman” and pre-order her next album on iTunes here. Below, find a video of Ariana testing her backbone in a game of “Play It Safe or Dangerous Woman,” during which the singer either walked home with the prize she won, or risked it all by selecting another hidden item.


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LISTEN: Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

IT’S OUT! The song that the whole world is waiting for! On March 10th, Ariana Grande released her most anticipated single yet, Dangerous Woman! Listen to the song. Stream the song. Buy the song. Request the song. Do everything you can to make Ariana get her first #1 on Billboard! CHECK IT OUT!

Ariana’s new album “Dangerous Woman” is expected to be released on May 20! The pre-order released tracks Into You, Be Alright and Let Me Love You (feat. Lil’ Wayne)!



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