5 Years Of Ariana Today!

5 Years. Half a decade.

The whole year running this site has been the biggest year for Ariana Today, and Ariana herself. It has been another amazing year updating as the #1 Ariana Grande fansite, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

It’s been 5 years, and I have never grown out of the endless support that you’ve all shown. With all of the success Sweetener has accomplished, I’ve never been more proud of Ariana especially with all that she’s been through.

Throughout all of the darkness and failures, she fought with kindness and light, and thus conquered against evil, making one of the biggest steps in the world and showing us how strong love is. This is another testament of why I’ve made a fansite for this woman 5 years ago.

A big shoutout to my good friends Marie (@bemybabydlx) and Darius (@tattooedreams) and our newest member and long time friend Matt (@shookgrande) for helping me run the fan page with nearly 200,000 followers, as these updates would be non-existent without their contributions.

Thank you Savan, Ariana’s team, family and friends (yes you too Kiyan, if you’re reading this), for showing love and acknowledging us. Lastly, thank you Ariana for constantly stalking our tweets and noticing us. We love all of you!

Can’t wait to enjoy another year with y’all. Don’t forget to stream Sweetener! 😉