4 Years Of Ariana Today!

Another amazing year with you all.

I just wanted to write a small thank you and appreciation for all of you who have been continuing to check us out for the quality content the Ariana Today team brings you daily. August 26th marks 4 whole years since Ariana Today has launched.

There is never a year where I have felt like giving up or quitting this fan page biz ever since I started. It is because of YOU, the Arianators, who have been supporting us for however long you have been here. Whether it is from 2013 when we were @ArianaTodayCom, or from when you just started following us this year, we thank you.

I’d like to thank Marie (@bemybabydlx) and Dari (@tattooedreams) who have continued to stick by me and make the best out of what this fan site is to this day. I cannot be thankful for their commitment and efforts into updating you guys 24/7.

Last year I have mentioned how our goal was to reach 2,000,000 visitors before the 4 year anniversary, and I am proud to say how we are nearly at 3 MILLION visitors! We truly couldn’t achieve all of the success within the year without all of you!

Thank you all once again, and I hope to see you all for the 5 year anniversary! 😉