Universal Music Group responds to feedback of The Dangerous Woman Tour in South Korea

On August 17th, Universal Music Group addressed the issue involving Ariana Grande’s concert in South Korea.

The pop star was heavily criticized following her concert in Gocheok Sky Dome on August 15. Fans in Korea were offended by her late arrival as well as immediate departure after the concert. It was also claimed that the fans who purchased VIP tickets were unable to watch her rehearsal as originally scheduled.

The event organizer ‘Culture Project‘ issued an apology, however, the complaints continue to soar.

In response to the ongoing issue, Universal Music Group spoke up and explained that Ariana Grande did not have any intentions to disrespect the Korean fans. The Q&A with Universal Music Group is as follows:

The concert was careless and disrespectful against Korean fans. 

The concert in Korea is part of Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman Tour‘ and the stage setting, choreography, setlist, and performance are the exact same in every concert around the world. In the setlist, Ariana Grande chose ‘Dangerous Woman’ for the encore and she has sung that track for the encore. Leaving the stage without special farewell after the encore was also the same in other countries. It’s difficult to judge that this concert was careless only because she left without giving special farewells after the encore as that is also one of the characteristics of this tour. Of course, the audience might’ve felt that it was careless but it wasn’t an act looking down on Korea.

The concert only lasted an hour and a half. The concert in Korea has been looked down on.

The stage setting, choreography, setlist, and performance are the exact same in every concert around the world. That means the concert length is also same in every country.

The concert in Japan lasted 3 hours but only an hour and a half in Korea. She also had concerts for 3 days in Japan while she only had one concert in Korea. 

First of all, the 3-hour concert in Japan is a wrong report. She performed the same in Japan for an hour and a half. On the third day of the concert, she did sing one additional song ‘The Way’. As for the number of concerts, that depends on the size of the market. This part is decided by the event organizer.

Her live performance was carelessly done. 

She put extreme care into the vocals for the Korea concert. She has definitely put extra care into it by hitting the high notes she didn’t hit in other concerts and also adding ad libs. If you go to Ariana Grande’s Instagram, many international fans left comments asking why she put extra care in her vocals in Korea. We also considered making a concert DVD from the concert in Korea so we definitely put extra care into the performance.

Fans with VIP tickets weren’t able to watch the rehearsal.

Watching the rehearsal was never a part of the VIP package. However, it’s true that early entry to the event didn’t take place.

Source: allkpop.com