On September 19th, an interview with Mac Miller by Rolling Stone was released, and he talks about working with girlfriend Ariana Grande who appeared on his album with Congratulations & My Favorite Part.

Last year, after moving into a Brooklyn apartment with his then-girlfriend, Miller began to delve into one of music’s most dissected topics: love. “It’s not just talking about trying to pursue a girl or talking about falling in love,” Miller, who is reportedly now dating longtime pal Ariana Grande, says of new album The Divine Feminine, a smooth and sexy affair, and undoubtedly his jazziest and most musically adventurous release yet. “It’s how it affects you and affects your life.”

What first began as a fun side project soon blossomed into a full-length effort. “I’m just balls deep in the whole creation process this time,” Miller says of his new LP, which features guest spots from the likes of Grande, Kendrick Lamar and, on his bouncy feel-good single “Dang!,” Anderson Paak. Miller, a longtime independent artist who signed a multi-million dollar deal in 2014 with Warner Bros., says he’s past the point of worrying about public perception. “I’ve realized I’m young as fuck,” the MC says in a conversation that touches on the expanding creative boundaries of hip-hop, learning to be his own boss and why Grande reminds him of Michael Jackson. “I don’t have to rush and scream to everyone, ‘Guys! I can do this!’ I would kill myself if I do the same thing for the rest of my life.”

You go way back with Ariana Grande: You appeared on her breakout single “The Way” and now she’s on “My Favorite Part.” It’s not as poppy a track as one might expect.
I reached out to her and said I wanted her to be a part of the album. It’s just like the whole thing with Kendrick: When you hear me and Kendrick are on a song, you think it’s gonna be Kendrick rapping. When you think me and Ariana on a song, you’re gonna think “Oh, this is like ‘The Way.’ It’s gonna be some big pop song.” But it’s not. Like I said, people are so much more capable and can do so much more than what their quote-unquote identity has them listed as. If you give her any canvas to paint on she’s going to paint a very beautiful picture. That was a song I felt like her voice would be awesome on and she killed it. She hits that Michael Jackson run and it’s like, “Oh!”

Source: RollingStone.com