3 Years Of Ariana Today!

The support never dies. Thank you.

I have to say, it’s never too late to celebrate when you continue to grow and expand a non-profit site to huge companies such as Billboard, MTV, and iHeartRadio. August 26 marks 3 years since I created Ariana Grande Today

This year was CRAZY! I can’t believe how this site has become in just one year. The support has been rapid and continues to grow as the rate increases! You guys have been overwhelming the Ariana Today team with so much love and kindness, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Despite unfortunately shutting down my Instagram and Facebook pages, Ariana Today still continues to get bigger with 160,000+ on Twitter!

The website has reached over 1,000,000 visitors, which is crazy, as it was the team’s goal last year to reach this milestone this year! We couldn’t have done it with you! Think we could get to 2,000,000 next year?

I’d like to most importantly thank the whole team who has stayed with me, Darius (@tattooedreams), John (@lovingallyb), and Marie (@bemybabydlx), and our former member Natasha! Thank you guys for making the most out of the site as we have become the most followed Ariana Grande update account! They have all taught me so much that I should’ve known from the start, and I lucky to have a great team!

A final thank you to Ariana for being the reason I made this. Thank you, Ari, for acknowledging the work we do here and sometimes creeping on what we tweet about you. We do all of this for you!

Love you all!