On March 14th, Ariana Grande visited the Sirius XM Hits 1 radio station for The Morning Mash Up to continue her radio interviews about SNL, Dangerous Woman and more! Check it out below!

They talked to her about the fact that she got stuck in the elevator on her way up to the studios! We also had to chat about SNL, whether there were any impressions that didn’t make it, and if she has a favorite cast member.

Ariana talked about the song she has coming out with Lil’ Wayne called Let Me Love You but she didn’t reveal anything else on other collaborations for the album. Then they played Name That Beat with her.

It’s Name that Beat Part 2 and what her favorite song is right now. Plus, since she’s so well known for her ponytail we thought we’d have a little fun and put a spin on pin the tail on the donkey by playing Pin the Grande.

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