Ariana Grande’s talks Lipsy London collection with Miss Vogue

On March 2, Ariana Grande’s Lipsy London collection was finally released, and there are tons of outfits and jewellery that you could choose from. She also talked to press about the collection along with general things, below which is an interview with Miss Vogue. Check it all out below!


Don’t get mistaken that with multiple number one singles, 61 million Instagram followers (yes, way more than either Jenners) and boasting an accomplished TV career, Ariana Grande feels like her CV is full. Instead, quite the opposite. Working with Lipsy, the pint-sized popstar is the latest famous face to create her own clothing line and the offering is 100 per cent Ariana. Signature-style skater skirts and cut-out mini-dresses come in candy-pop colours, while lacy crop tops and slinky LBDs would fit right into her on-stage wardrobe.

“I really wanted to do something special for my fans and I am so grateful Lipsy gave me this opportunity. It’s playful, flirty and affordable so I think there is something for everyone. I really hope my fans love it! Honestly, I will just be so honoured to see anyone wearing the collection!,” Ariana told Miss Vogue.

Naturally, when it came to designing the collection, the first place she looked was to her own wardrobe. “We had a lot of images from Instagram and Pinterest as well as some of my favourite red-carpet looks I’ve worn in the past.” The 23-piece collection also features the pieces she relies on to feel most confident: skater dresses and co-ord tops and skirts.

For her red-carpet appearances, Ariana works with a stylist, explaining that recently she has taken a new direction with her sartorial choices, which have been influenced by the sounds of her new album (rumoured to be called Dangerous Woman). “My new music has a bit of an edge to it and I’ve been having fun incorporating that into my style. For the Grammys we really wanted to do something classic with that edge – I loved the Ramona Keveza gown I wore! I think it is important to stay true to who you are and pick things that you really really love.”

Starting out on Nickelodeon as a pre-teen, Ariana admits to having had a fair few outfit blunders: “Who hasn’t?! I’ve been on TV since I was little so there are lots of funny pictures to look back on and say: ‘What was I thinking?!'” She’s since learnt what works for her in and out of the public eye. On lazy days she sticks to a uniform of Victoria’s Secret Pink pyjamas, but when stepping out she will always rely on a heel: “If  you are as petite as I am, heels really help make an outfit.”

But in the mist of clothing upgrades, there is one thing that has stayed a constant: the Ariana Grande ponytail. An on-stage tool that comes into play when flicked and swooshed around and serves well for an over-the-shoulder pose. “I have just always worn my hair that way because its super easy, so I suppose it kind of unintentionally became my signature look.” The secret? “I rely on a really good brush and lots of hairspray.”

With a social-media fan base almost touching 100 million, Ariana is a popstar totally aware of her moral responsibilities. In the past she has voiced her first-hand experiences of gender inequality in the music business and is an ardent feminist. “I think it’s important to speak up about issues that matter and I believe we all have a responsibility to use our voices to help make a difference,” she confesses. “I wish people would be nicer to one another, especially on social media where comments can be so cruel.”

Her floor-filling anthems are rooted in girl power and her Instagram often plays host to images of inspirational women. She name checks Madonna, Audrey Hepburn and Maya Angelou as some of her favourite idols, while the pair at the top of her list is her mum and “nonna” confessing that she couldn’t imagine her life without them.

It’s also her close-knit Italian-American family that she relies on to keep her grounded when the fame game gets a bit too much. “I am so lucky to have them all around a lot. When I do start to feel it, I know I can always count on them to make me feel better.”

The other support she credits: the Arianators, with whom she is looking forward to sharing her new music. “I am just really excited about making music that I love and that my fans love. I mean, without my fans I’d be nothing! They are the most supportive  and loving fans. I like to be able to connect with them and share my life with them.”

Whenever her next new tour begins, no doubt there will be a current theme running throughout the audience: Arianators wearing her Lipsy signature styles.

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