Ariana Grande shares ‘Dangerous Woman’ info during live chat

On February 29th, Ariana has thanked all of us after reaching 37 million followers on Twitter! She decided to surprise us with a quick live chat to do shoutouts, follow sprees, and most importantly, the spilling of Dangerous Woman teas! If you missed it, watch it below or check out the important deets she gave out below!

  • Ariana said there are 15 tracks on the standard album version. However, there will be more on other versions.
  • Ariana’s favorite songs on the album as of now are ‘Dangerous Woman’ and ‘Be Alright’, but she claimed every song is her favorite.
  • “I feel like my personal growth is reflected in the sound. […] I’m really proud of it”
  • “I have to put the album out first and promote it […] Just so you know it’s already in the plan” — Ariana on her next tour
  • Voodoo Love is not on #DangerousWoman, but Ariana said she’d still try to get it for us.
  • Ariana said “Lavender Envelopes” was never a song.
  • There are only 3 features on the album. #DangerousWoman

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