Ariana Grande to duet with Nathan Sykes’ ‘Over and Over Again’

Looks like all of the rumours between the two ex-lovers having a feud have all come to an end with this surprise!

On January 9th, Nathan Sykes went to Twitter to announce that he will have a special duet with somebody on another version of his recent single Over and Over Again, and Ariana has liked the tweet, sparking rumours of the two stars coming together to sing this song.

On January 10th, Ariana Grande herself spilled the tea and tweeted the lyrics to the song she has recorded with Nathan!!

Nathan didn’t lie when he tweeted earlier that January was going to be an interesting month. Now all of the two fandoms are going crazy between this surprise, considering that the two singers have dated back in 2013. We just couldn’t get enough after hearing the two sing Almost Is Never Enough 3 years ago… but how did the fans react?

What are your thoughts on this duet? Comment down below on what you think! The song is expected to come out January 15th.

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