Ariana Grande visits Ulta in Chicago, IL for her perfume ‘Ari’

Ariana Grande met with employees at Ulta shop on Roosevelt Rd. Oct. 2, 2015 and sprayed her Ari by Ariana Grande perfume around the store while in Chicago for her concert at the United Center. Check out the interview she had there + videos and photos below!

[su_spoiler title=”Interview”]Ariana Grande scooted around the Ulta store in the South Loop Friday in her platform shoes, spraying her Ari fragrance like it was pixie dust. On the receiving end of the sprays were store employees who had been sworn to secrecy about the surprise appearance, and a few customers with spectacular timing. The visit took place hours before the pint-size singer’s show at the United Center, her second headlining show in the Chicago area this year.

“I’m just polluting the air,” Grande said before putting her perfume back on the display table at the store’s entrance.

Grande partnered with Ulta on the sale of her Ari fragrance and has stopped by other store locations during her tour to meet with employees and leave behind signed items for fans. She greeted employees at the South Loop location with hugs rather than handshakes, invited them to take selfies with her and signed autographs.

“Do you want me to write a message?” she said after signing one fragrance box.

Either reports of diva behavior have been greatly exaggerated — or Grande was going out of her way to make those reports a thing of the past. Grande came off as a regular 22-year-old during our brief interview, except for the fact that she was being shadowed by security, managers and her personal photographer.

Grande got her start on the Nickelodeon shows “Victorious” and “Sam and Cat,” and recently returned to television with a recurring role in Fox’s “Scream Queens.” She plays Kappa Kappa Tau sorority girl Sonya (aka Chanel No. 2) in the whodunit slasher series. Her character appeared to get killed off in the pilot, but some have questioned whether she is really dead because her body is missing.

“We don’t know anything,” Grande said of the show’s killer (or killers). “We get the script the week of, we read it, we’re excited. Because I’m involved with it, I like it that way. But if I’m at home watching it, I would hate it, like, ‘Give me every answer right now. I want to know everything.’ “(Fans are) like ‘Are you really dead? Are you Boone? No, I’m not Boone. But you will see me again.” (Boone is the gay frat boy played by fellow pop star Nick Jonas.)

Acting has mostly taken a back seat to Grande’s music, with the “Problem” and “Break Free” pop star so far releasing two studio albums, both of which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Has she had to pass up good acting roles due to her music schedule?

“I have three amazing managers who take very good care of all of the things that come and go, and most of them I don’t really hear about,” said Grande, who will appear in next year’s Zoolander 2. “I’m really focused on music and touring. If I do hear about it, it’s probably something I’m able to do with my schedule, so I’m not really sure. That would be a question for my managers, but this is an interview with me, so never mind. That’s an awkward answer. Sorry.”

Source: Chicago Tribune[/su_spoiler]

Visiting Ulta


With fans in Chicago

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