Ariana Grande talks Moonlight, comparisons to Jennifer Lopez with The Daily Telgraphy

Ariana Grande has been interviewed by The Daily Telegraphy to talk about various things, such as Scream Queens, Moonlight, The Honeymoon Tour, and many more! Read the article below!

ARIANA Grande has lamented the double standards of the pop industry, claiming women unfairly are judged differently to their male counterparts.

“There’s a lot of comparison as a female in this industry and I think that it is all well intentioned but I think that everyone is an individual and should be celebrated as such,” she says.

Grande’s comment came after Insider likened her to a young Jennifer Lopez because of the way she’s built a business out of her pop career which recently saw her launch her own perfume, ARI.

“I had never actually heard that one before,” she said.

“That is an amazing compliment and I appreciate the fact that they would compare me to someone that is such an incredible entertainer and businesswoman, that’s a huge compliment.

“But I do think we need to work on celebrating women’s individuality in the music industry because it is not fair that men are not compared to each other the same way that women are.

“You don’t do that to Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. You don’t do that to Abel (Tesfaye) and Drake. People don’t do that, they just don’t so I think we need to work on that but I appreciate the compliment.”

Despite her young age, the 22-year-old Grande is not shy when it comes to speaking her mind. On top of selling millions of albums and topping the charts with hits including Love Me Harder, Bang Bang, Problem and Break Free, her other business ventures include clothing and fashion.

But having a business mind hasn’t come naturally to the former Nickelodeon actress.

“I am learning a lot about the business,” she says. “I have been such a creative artsy theatre kid my whole life. For me it has only always been about the music, but now that I’ve been thrown into this world and put into situations where I have to think with a business brain, I have learned a lot and I think I am now able to deal with both.

“I normally just focus on the creative — the music and art and creating— but I can flick a switch when I need to.

“I think that comes from my mum who is an incredible businesswoman and she has taught me so much just by watching her work and the advice she has given me.

“It was hard for me because I’ve been such a creative person my whole life that I never tend to think with that brain but now I think I am in a position where I have both sides of myself developed equally.”

Specifically on her perfume venture, it was the No.1 selling fragrance in its first week in the US. “It is sweet, sexy and floral. There’s a little bit of vanilla orchid, there’s a little bit of juicy raspberry and there’s a little bit of marshmallow and musk and sandalwood,” she says.

Grande spoke to Insider on the phone from New York, where she’s performed her global Honeymoon tour this week. The show’s were the 74th and 75th of her world tour that kicked off in Missouri in February and wraps in Brazil later this month.

Grande’s big goal going forward is to spend time with her family in Florida.

While she didn’t make it to Australia this tour, has vowed to begin her next world tour Down Under.

“My goal — I don’t know if this is going to happen or not so don’t hold me to it — but my personal goal would be to start my next tour in Australia,” she says. “Since I’m not able to make it over there for this tour, I would love to give my Australian fans the honour of opening my next show and spending a lot of time there then.”

Going forward, Grande is also working on new music with single, Focus, out at the end of this month. An album will follow.

“When it comes to being creative I am very open-minded and I just like to go with the flow and let whatever happens happens,” she says. “Whatever sounds I am hearing, whatever is happening in my life, I am inspired and in the moment and let it happen.”

Grande recently appeared in new cult hit Scream Queens as well as a guest spot in the upcoming Zoolander 2.

“I love acting but I’m not going to say anything yet because I don’t want to ruin any surprises,” she says.

“My plate is very full at the moment with the fragrance and the new album and Scream Queens and my tour, but there’s always time to calm myself and do a bit more.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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