Last week, an Italian press announced that Andrea Bocelli will be having an unexpected duet. It has been said in Italy that Ariana Grande will be appearing on Italian musician Andrea Bocelli’s upcoming album. He is one of the musical legends in Italy.

Grande has met Andrea Bocelli way back when they were performing onstage at the Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life Grammy special. Ariana was in Rome, Italy a few days ago to record the song with Andrea Bocelli and she also slipped in a few more projects, such as the cameo on “Zoolander 2”.

The information was confirmed by the advisor of Culture and Tourism of Rome, Giovanna Marinelli. According to Giovanna, Bocelli filmed a documentary of the recording of the duet while Ariana was in Rome. It isn’t confirmed if Ariana Grande was included in the scenes.

UPDATE: His album is titled Cinema and is influenced by many international classics from cinemas in French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Sicilian. “Cinema” will be released worldwide on October 23, and the duet with Ariana Grande is titled E Più Ti Penso, which is a medley of Once Upon A Time in America/Malena.