Nathan Sykes cried writing Ariana Grande-inspired song

Nathan Sykes reckons he actually cried while writing a track from his debut album inspired by ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande.

The Wanted member admitted that he had a little sob the day he wrote the song, but insists he’s got nothing but love for the ‘amazing talent.’

Nathan spilled some tea about that day: “It was quite an emotional day. I found that especially when you go over the lyrics again. It’s like, ‘Wow! Those are really deep lyrics.’ I got really emotional writing it.”

“I think three or four songs were really emotional to write. There’s one song called ‘Famous’ which is about what do I have to do to make someone I care about, care about me as much as I do them?”

“It’s basically saying ‘do I have to be famous, will you only call me when I’m famous?’ Whenever I go through something that’s not ideal, I don’t feel sorry for myself. I go, ‘My God, this is going to be such a great song’.”

Nathan – whose debut single ‘Kiss Me Quick’ also told the Daily Star he wishes Ariana the best. “It’s fantastic she’s doing so well because she is such an incredible talent. I’ve known her quite a while and I know how much she’s always wanted a Grammy nomination, so she must have been so happy to get one this year.”

Source: Sugarscape