(CLOSED) ENTER: Ariana Grande Birthday Project 2015


Ariana Grande will celebrate her 22nd birthday on June 26th and I want to bring back the birthday video project I have done last year. For Ariana’s 21st birthday, over 100 Arianators submitted a lot of heartwarming messages and creative talent, which was put in a video (see at the bottom), to celebrate our idol’s birthday, and Ariana has acknowledge the video by following me on Twitter! I am totally excited to be doing this again and this is going to be my biggest project I’ve ever done.


DEADLINE: June 15th

What can I enter?

Pictures (medium or high quality)

  • Drawings, fan art, a picture of you, Ariana Grande, etc.
  • DO NOT add watermarks of your Twitter; we will do it for you.

Videos (no longer than 10 seconds)

  • Videos of you sending your thanks and gratitude towards Ariana, singing, dancing, etc.
  • DO NOT include background music!

Audio recordings (no longer than 10 seconds)

  • Recordings of you sending your thanks and gratitude towards Ariana, singing, etc.
  • DO NOT include background music!

Letters (try to keep them short and sweet)

  • A message about how much you love Ariana, past experiences, favourite memories, etc.
  • TYPE it in the email. DO NOT put the letter inside a photo!

*Submissions must NOT have any writing/tags. Include your Twitter name, or whatever you like to be recognized by, in the email and it will be added by me. DO NOT send multiple submissions; it is best to submit only one thing since there will be a lot of people involved. ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT COMPLY WITH THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 

Email to: arianatodaynet@gmail.com
with the subject “Birthday Project

*Questions? Tweet me on Twitter @ArianaTodayNet or email me and I will message back ASAP!

Use the photo below to share through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to other Arianators!

Birthday Project

Check out the birthday video I have done for Ariana Grande last year!