LISTEN: Ariana Grande’s ‘dirty version’ of Santa Tell Me

Ariana Grande has been giving many exclusives to the many fans in Japan, and this time she has done something different for them.

Everyone knows the cute Christmas song Ariana released last December titled “Santa Tell Me”, well Japan released an exclusive EP of all her Christmas songs (Snow In California, Santa Baby, etc.) last December as well and “Santa Tell Me” was included. However the version on the Japan EP was a little bit more sexual then the version released in other parts of the world. Here are the sexual lyrics to Santa Tell Me during the bridge:

And I wanna let him unwrap me like ooh
Get on top of him by the fireplace ooh

Those lyrics replace the lyrics of the original version below, the lyrics that we all sang along to:

Oh I wanna have him beside me like ooh
On the 25th by the fireplace ooh

What do you guys think about Ariana’s lyrics being a little sexy? Of course, we can’t compare it to the lyrics of her song from her #1 sophomore album My Everything, Hands On Me! Listen to the dirty version of Santa Tell Me below!