Ariana Grande’s interviews on Scream Queens w/ Lea Michele

Ariana Grande has been doing interviews with networks such as Entertainment Weekly. Check them out below!

On May 8th, a video was posted, where Ariana Grande and Lea Michele got to exclusively talk with the people of Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming show, Scream Queens.

While chatting with the girls on set in New Orleans, Ariana described the Ryan Murphy vehicle as “a very nice balance between terrifying, scary, macabre, goth horror and girly, hilarious, glamorous, fashion. It’s the greatest combination.”

Ariana happily showed ET the sorority house, including the awe-inducing centerpiece: a shiny pink fireplace. Sure, the rest of the mansion is home to “the world’s meanest sorority” (as Ryan described it) and the show revolves around a series of murders on a college campus, but the fireplace is shiny. And. Pink!

Despite the two vocal powerhouses being on the show, Lea revealed that there won’t be any singing this season. “Not with me! Look, we’ve got everything — we’ve got gore, we’ve got killers, we’ve got comedy… I think we’re good,” she says. Bummer!

Lea also admits that the neck brace she sports in Scream Queens isn’t the most comfortable accessory she’s ever worn. “At first I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is totally fine,’ and then seven hours later, you’re like, ‘Can someone rub my neck please?'” she says.

There is one major difference between Lea and Rumer’s characters — there was no threat of death by pearls or Greek paddles in House Bunny. In the Mean Girls-meets-Friday the 13th horror-comedy, a different Scream Queens cast member gets killed off each week. Death is the name of the game in this one.

In addition to Lea and Ariana, the cast is filled with A-listers: Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer and Oliver Hudson. So the real question is — who will be killed off first?

Scream Queens premieres this fall on FOX.

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