Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song of 2015 (Semifinals)

And then there were 4! The last round really heated it all up. 8 songs went against each other, but One Last Time, My Everything, Baby I, and Be My Baby made it to the semifinals of The Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015. The poll with One Last Time vs. Honeymoon Avenue had the most votes casted in this game so far with over 2,000 votes. Sadly, the other 4 had to go (Who would’ve thought Put Your Hearts Up actually made it that far?!) Download the bracket below. Fill it out, play along, and vote below!

UnknownWhich of these will be the last 2 songs to make it to the finals? Will it be the slow yet beautiful tune of “My Everything” or the EDM song “Be My Baby”? VOTE FOR THE SEMIFINALS NOW!


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