Ariana Grande interview by Model Press

On December 19th, the Japanese network Model Press released an interview they gave with Ariana Grande. Ariana talks about Christmas, her EP “Christmas Kisses” which released last year, her tour and more. Check out the video below!

When asked about Christmas, Ariana replied:

“Every year for Christmas my family and I have the custom to hold parties in our home, with gifts, food and the most I can not even eat because it is meat and cheese, so it’s always fun.”

Christmas Kisses EP:

“The reason why I chose” Last Christmas “and” Santa Baby “for the EP is because they are fun songs and pop and are not necessarily religious. They talk about relationships and love, “Santa Baby” has a flirty mood, and I like it. And I wanted to do “Santa Baby” with Liz Gillies because she is very cute and I love her. “

Your best Christmas gift:

“The best gift I ever got for Christmas was this ring that Nonna gave me a few months earlier because my grandfather appeared in a dream to her and told her to give me. The plan was to give it me for Christmas but in the dream my grandfather said she had to give me now, just because it would protect me and was made of a pearl he wore in their ties.”

Where she will spend the Christmas:

“Christmas this year do not know where I will be but it sure will be with my family. And I know I’m doing a lot of shows for the Jingle Ball but I’m hoping I can be home for Christmas. “

About the year 2015:

“In 2015 I will be on tour and probably writing and recording at the same time because I love making music and never want to stop. I am very excited to go to The Honeymoon Tour. “


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