Madonna wants a duet with Ariana Grande?

From Nicki Minaj to Chris Brown, everyone is dying to work with Ariana Grande… even a vertiable pop icon like Madonna! A source reveals to just why the ‘Material Girl’ is looking to record with Ariana.

Ariana Grande, 21, is arguably one of the hottest stars in music right now. Not only is she a fantastic performer in her own right, but her collaborations with artists from Iggy Azalea to Big Sean light the charts on fire. It’s no surprise that everyone in the industry is champing at the bit to work with Ariana, and “Material Girl” Madonna, 56, is no exception to the rule, as a source has EXCLUSIVELY revealed to

“Everyone sees the money that comes with Ariana Grande; she is on complete fire right now with her music career,” says an insider.

“Everyone wants to work with her and you can add Madonna to the list, as she is still very much up on all things pop culture and knows about the success Ariana is having and wants to work with Ariana on a future duet.”

A duet between pop queen Madonna and pop princess Ariana is literally all we want for Christmas and our collective birthdays. It’s a match made in pop monarchy heaven!

Do you want to see a duet between Ariana and Madonna happen? Or do you think they’re not well-suited to each other? Let us know!