Ariana Grande talks with Entertainment Tonight

Ariana Grande, current holder of three singles in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, gave an interview to American television program “Entertainment Tonight” and talked about various subjects, among them her new album coming, anxiety for the performances on the VMAs, his brother Frankie in Big Brother and more!

Interviewer: What is the quality you most love in Nicki Minaj and Jessie J?
Ariana: I love Nicki’s personality. Love the personality of Jessie. They are so different but both have much feeling. They are great, I love them very much. Jessie sings all the time, and this is my favorite part, because I also sing all the time. And Nicki is hilarious, I love her she is so sassy.
E: Will you dance with them? I heard that when you and Chris (Brown) did a video together, you danced a little pointe (ballet technique used in).
A: It has a bit of that video pointe. I did dance when I was younger, and did a bit of pointe school. I was the dance team. Yeah, that’s one thing people do not know about me, I’ve been on a dance team. And it was, like, the first time I danced on pointe six or seven years.
E: And you will do something at the VMAs?
The Pointe? No, I think not. Just that (Ariana pretending to dance ballet while singing Break Free).
E: So it will not be at the VMAs?
A: No!
E: Her brother is now the center of attention in Big Brother. You spoke with Frankie?
A: No we can not talk to them!
E: No kind of secret messages or something?
A: No, they are not mobile. I think he’s fine now, because it is the leader of the house.
E: Do you miss him every day? At all times?
A: Yes, let absolutamente.Eu all screens connected seeing everything he is doing. “What is he doing now?”
E: I remember when we were on the red carpet of the Grammys together, and you were nervous and anxious. Do you still worry about it? Has a new girl here ready to go through red carpet again?
A: So I’m still not so good on red carpets, it’s something I’m trying to improve. But I get so excited as before … That day was so … They spread a rumor that I was crying, but I was not. I rubbed a hand in the eye for a moment and took a picture. And they used this photo to mention that I was crying, but I was not. Definitely was not crying.