(CLOSED) ENTER: #ReasonsToLoveAriana


Here we are again with another project! The team of Ariana Today has noticed that Ariana Grande has been upset nowadays due to family issues, and we want to turn that frown upside down and make her smile. To cheer her up, we’ve decided to have a small project! We want the Arianators, to send in a photo with a message to why we love her and why she means to much to us. Each photo will be onto this website and hopefully Ariana Grande will see it! UPDATE: Due to Ariana’s grandpa passing away, we’ve made some changes. We will also put your words and goodbyes to this tragedy. This project is dedicated to this amazing man. #RIPGrandpaGrande



  • Email us at ArianaTodayNet@gmail.com with the subject #ReasonsToLoveAriana
  • Fill in the information: Name, Age, Location (optional), Twitter username
  • Send us a picture of you (HQ or MQ), whether it’s a casual photo or something that shows your love for Ariana.
  • Type in a message about how much you love Ariana. For example, how did she change your life? Why does she make you happy? What do you like about her?
  • *Say a few words about Ariana’s grandfather. You can talk about how great a person he was to all of us.

*Make sure the message isn’t in the photo! Please follow all these rules or we will not accept your entry. DO NOT SEND MUTLIPLE ENTRIES!

We will be putting up a page full of Arianators showing their support for Ariana after the deadline.

DEADLINE: July 31st