VIDEO: Ariana Grande on Japanese TV show ZIP!

Ariana Grande’s interview with Japanese TV show ‘ZIP!’ last year has recently aired in Japan.

The singer met the singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and she talked about her music, “a person came up to me and said ‘you know, I really love your music and I think what you do is amazing,’ and I was like,’ Thank God, I’m finally here,’ but it was like a dream come true. “

“I do not like acting … I was 14 at the time [Victorious] and my manager said ‘I think this will work for you, I think you should build your own fan base, stabilize yourself,’ and I joined Victorious and it changed my life.”

The show’s host also wondered what Ariana’s dream was, ‘That’s it, that’s all I want to do, there is nothing more to ask “

“I walk around in my pajamas and I see my photos and I’m shameful on the internet that I even knew it had been taken and people say ‘that’s it, girl’, ‘Oh My God’, ‘Diva’, and it makes me feel so well accepted. “