Ariana Grande to premiere ‘Problem’ at the 2014 RDMAs

Ariana Grande is a TV star and rising musical artist with a whole lot of support within the industry, but just like everyone else, she has problems, too. On Wednesday (Apr. 16), the R&B songstress announced that her new single, “Problem,” will be unveiled during a performance at the Radio Disney Music Awards on Sunday, Apr. 27, and then hit iTunes hours later.


Album Artwork/Promoshoot


“wanted to start the countdown at ten days but I’m too excited now let’s start today……. ‪#11DaysUntilProblem‬ ‪#toldyouitwassoon‬,” Grande posted on Twitter. Earlier this week, Chris Brown teased a collaboration with Grande, “Don’t Be Gone Too Long,” which could end up on his upcoming “X” album, while “Problem” will presumably be the lead single from Grande’s upcoming sophomore LP.

When asked on Twitter what “Problem” is about, Grande responded, “knowing U’d be better off w/o someone but u can’t resist them & need them no matter what.” So perhaps “Problem” is about the singer’s ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks, who accused Grande of cheating on him with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes last fall?

Also of note: Grande and rapper Iggy Azalea have been playing a game of Twitter footsie, teasing fans with “*cough cough*” “*nudge nudge*” action. Will Azalea show up to offer some lyrical solutions on “Problem”?

All questions will be revealed in 10 days when “Problem” drops. Grande’s debut album, “Yours Truly,” spawned the Top 10 hit “The Way” and started at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart last September.