Ariana Grande denies plagiarism for The Way

Last year, Minder Music accused Ariana Grande of plagiarizing the song Troglodyte, recorded by The Jimmy Castor Bunch, and said they would sue the owner of the hit. The singer handed documents in federal court talking about what happened months after that.

Minder Music, British entity that has rights to the compositions and recordings of the band is suing “The Way” Ariana Grande, claiming that the song uses similar phrases “Troglodyte”: “What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into the team.”

But in new legal documents, Grande says she does not infinge NO copyright.

Although she admits that her song includes the phrase “What we gotta the right here is go back, back into the team,” the pop star denies he copied the letter.

Adding, she admits that she never asked permission to use parts of the song  “Troglodyte”  because she had no obligation on your part to do this.

She also countered the accusation of Minder saying they have rights over part of his music and that Minder can not process the sentence because it is not possible to recover picture in a basic sentence like this.

The pop star asked the judge to deny the request for a warrant that prevented the singer to sell the song and wants the lawsuit exonerated. She asks Minder pay for all costs of the proceedings.

See the document of this issue here.