Sam & Cat: #FresnoGirl

Sam obtains a gun that launches hot dogs while Cat makes Fudge Piles to prepare for babysitting a girl named Kim. This dessert is so chewy that it causes people’s mouths to get stuck, including Dice’s. Once Kim shows up, she makes an agreement that Sam and Cat will buy her a Fresno Girl doll if she excels on her math test. When this happens, Sam and Cat end up paying $340 at a snooty outlet that upsells them on “accessories.” Meanwhile Goomer puts up signs to help find a missing shirt that gives him luck for MMA fights. The signs are misunderstood and Randy’s scout troop believes a trip to Hawaii is the reward for finding Goomer himself. Later, Sam accidentally hits Kim’s doll with a hot dog and damages it, so they must return to the store that upsells them yet again. Sam gets revenge by offering Fudge Piles to the employees, then telling shoppers that all merchandise is free since the salespeople cannot talk. Finally it’s revealed that Kim lied about her math test and did not pass after all; Goomer has also been abducted by Randy’s scout troop. Kim agrees to a date with Randy in exchange for Goomer’s return and to absolve the deception about her math score. It also turns out Goomer was wearing his lucky shirt, backwards, the entire time.

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Premiere: March 15, 2014 Writers: Dan Schneider and Christopher J. Nowak Director: Steve Hoefer

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Cat is making a tray of “fudge piles.” Then, Sam comes home with a wiener shooter, which shoots wieners. Then, Goomer runs in, looking for “Timmy Tee.” Dice follows and he explains that Goomer has a lucky shirt which he named “Timmy Tee” but he had lost it. Dice eats a fudge pile, but they stick to his jaws and he can’t speak. A girl named Kim, who Sam and Cat babysit, comes in and is depressed because if she fails another math test, she’ll have to go to summer school. Sam and Cat ask her what she really wants. Kim says she wants a Fresno Girl doll, so Sam and Cat say that if Kim gets a B+ or above on her test, they’ll get her a Fresno Girl. Meanwhile, Dice sticks a fork in his mouth and Goomer tries to pull out the fork. He pulls out the fork, along with the fudge pile… and two of Dice’s teeth.

Goomer leaves flyers all over Bots so that people would know his T-shirt is missing. However, he never said that the shirt was Timmy Tee, making it seem like Goomer’s name was Timmy Tee. This makes Randy and his friends think Goomer is Timmy Tee, but they’d never given him his shirt. Randy and his friends end up hunting down Goomer. Meanwhile, Kim had gotten an A- (92%) on the test, so Sam and Cat take her to the store. Kim chooses a doll named Gabriella, but the doll’s price was ridiculously high. If they bought Gabriella half and naked, it would still be $156.20 because hair and clothes counted as accessories. Hair, clothes, and a bike cost over $100, and Sam and Cat end up losing almost all their money.

Sam is furious about how they had lost about $300. Goomer couldn’t hide in his house because they’d found out where he lives. Sam and Cat tell Goomer to lie on the floor of their bedroom facedown. Then, Sam accidentally shoots a wiener at Gabriella, knocking off her leg. Meanwhile, Randy and his friends find Goomer and kidnap him. The cost to repair Gabriella’s leg costs another $200, infuriating Sam. Sam then decides to give all the employees fudge piles, sticking their jaws together. Then, Sam announces on the speaker that all Fresno Girl dolls were free. While all the customers start grabbing everything, Sam, Cat, and Kim make their getaway. When they get home, Sam and Cat sees Kim’s test and see a 67% on it instead of the 92% Cat had seen earlier. Kim finally admits that she had made a fake test with a 92% score. Sam and Cat aren’t happy, but then, Randy comes and once again asks for his reward. However, Randy says that it’s his birthday soon and if they get him a date, he’ll release Goomer. Sam and Cat blackmail Kim into doing it. Goomer is released, but he still doesn’t have his shirt. However, it turns out that Goomer had been wearing his shirt all week; he had just been wearing it backwards.


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  • The credits feature an extended version of the scene where Matyoo sees the broken leg.
  • Fresno Girl is a parody of American Girl.
  • Goomer has a lucky shirt named Timmy Tee which he always wears before his MMA fights.
  • Goomer is superstitious.
  • Randy is a boy scout.
  • Sam, Cat and Dice give a date to Randy with Kim for his birthday, but they don’t mention to give something to Randy’s friends
  • Cat’s fudge piles being described too chewy
  • The personnel of Fresno Girl asking insane prices
  • Cat believes that Hawaii is pronounced, “Ha-way-I-I”, like she did in Victorious episode, “Brain Squeezers.”
  • One of the dolls is named Katrina, which is most likely the full first name of Victorious character Trina Vega.



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