Sam & Cat: #BlooperEpisode

Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Cameron Ocasio, Maree Cheatham and Zoran Korach are on a lunch break from filming “Sam & Cat “, the cast members are interrupted by fans of the show.

WATCH: The full episode is down below.

[youtube id=”Ptt7dC9c1qI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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  • This episode continues the tradition of Dan Schneider to create blooper/clip episodes, such as “Dr. Phyllis Show” for Drake & Josh, “PCA Confidential” for Zoey 101, “iBloop” and “iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo” for iCarly and “Blooptorious” for Victorious.
  • Both Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande have already starred in a blooper episode for their previous shows.
  • This is the first time Ariana’s brunette hair appears on Sam & Cat.
  • There were three bloopers shown from Dan’s other show, “Drake & Josh”.
  • Matt Bennett, Nathan Kress and Liz Gillies were seen in bloopers from The Killer Tuna Jump episode.
  • Jerry Trainor was seen in a blooper.
  • All actors except Ariana Grande were dressed and behaved like their characters.
  • Even though this episode needed to resemble the real world, the actors still behaved like the characters they portray. They also used the in-universe PearPods and Tandy is seen to exist outside the show as well.
  • Bloopers from Drake and Josh, another Dan Schneider show, were shown, perhaps because Drake and Josh never had a blooper episode.
  • Zoran (Goomer) is not allowed to sit with the main cast because he is not a main character but Maree isn’t a main character or cast but sits with them anyway.
  • Goomer being told to go back to his table.
  • Sinjin from Victorious appeared telling Zoran Korach the actor of Goomer he knows what he’s like to be left out for not being a main character.
  • Jerry Trainor appears in Goomer’s second clip.
  • Tandy and Bungle‘s relationship, first mention in #SalmonCat, is brought up again.