Kids React To Ariana Grande

TheFineBros uploaded a video featuring Ariana Grande’s music videos “The Way” and “Baby I” in their 88th episode of Kids React. (Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine)

This week the Kids discuss the singer Ariana Grande. What do the Kids think of her crossover from TV star to a musical artist?

This episode featured the following amazing kids!

NOTE: Kids that are technically ‘teens’ will remain on ‘Kids React’ until they enter high school.

Emma R., age 7
Maxim, age 7
Dash, age 9
Krischelle, age 9
Noah, age 9
Jayka, age 10
Elle, age 11
Megan & Shannon, age 12
Darius, age 13
Olivia, age 13
Paris, age 13
Troy, age 13

Watch the video including the bonus video of Kids React To Ariana Grande.

Bonus Video