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About us:

Ariana Today is a fansite, where we will be bringing you up-to-date news on Ariana Grande.

Ariana Today has been created on August 26 2013. We are new and we would like the visitors (you) to help us grow our website. We first got hosted by FanFusion, but it turns out that they weren’t helpful and they wouldn’t help us get out domain.

We then switched to a more simpler hosting site, freefansitehosting. They have helped us through the process of getting our name, and we did! We couldn’t thank them more enough.

Ever since we got a .net domain, our website has been growing in many ways! Our website has been recognized by artists like Rebecca Black. We’ve been doing a lot of projects in this fanbase, such at the infamous Arianator Awards that trended on Twitter, and our birthday videos.

As the site continues to grow in support, we have been noticed and acknowledge by many of Ariana’s family and team, such as Joan, Frankie, Tommy Brown, Victoria Monet, and many more!

We would like to thank everyone who has been checking us out, and supporting us to make ArianaToday how it is right now.

The Ariana Today App



We had this app running for the first month when we hit 10,000 followers on Twitter in 2014. Due to not being able to pay for it to stay, we kept it offline.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about our site, feel free to tweet the creator of ArianaToday,


If you want to affiliate with us, please require the following:

1. Your website MUST be a fansite.

2. You must upload content on the site daily.


Ariana Today is an unprofitable and unofficial fansite about Ariana Grande and we do not get any money from it. The ‘Ariana Grande’ trademark is the property of Ariana Grande. We do not have any contact with Ariana Grande, her family, record label or management. All original content on this site is owned by its respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended.

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