10 Oct 2015

VIDEO: Ariana Grande talks about the meaning behind her single ‘Focus’

On October 9th, Ariana Grande has posted another Honeymoon Diaries video, and this time it’s about her first single off her 3rd album, Focus. The video contains many backstage footage of Ariana and the dancers, and crew prepping and having fun before and after the show, with an audio of Ariana explaining the powerful

18 May 2015

Ariana Grande posts 3 new Honeymoon Diaries videos

On May 17th, Ariana Grande updated the Honeymoon Diaries vlog she created in association with her tour The Honeymoon Tour. This time, she posted THREE videos during her time in Paris, France – her first show outside the US! She sang to many fans outside her vehicle, huddled with her dance