10 Dec 2018

Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song of 2018 (VOTE)

Ariana Today is hosting once again the annual Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song! This year, Ariana has released her most critically acclaimed album yet with Sweetener, along with other collaborations. We wanted to focus on all of her four albums battling it out along with this year’s collaborations and a few fan

26 Aug 2018

5 Years Of Ariana Today!

5 Years. Half a decade. The whole year running this site has been the biggest year for Ariana Today, and Ariana herself. It has been another amazing year updating as the #1 Ariana Grande fansite, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. It’s been 5 years, and

05 Dec 2017

Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song Of 2017 (Vote!)

Making its return, Ariana Today hosting once again the annual Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song! This year, with small releases of collaborations that have become personal favourites of many, we’ve put together all of the songs in one big bracket! Some songs of Ariana’s unfortunately did not make it in the

26 Aug 2017

4 Years Of Ariana Today!

Another amazing year with you all. I just wanted to write a small thank you and appreciation for all of you who have been continuing to check us out for the quality content the Ariana Today team brings you daily. August 26th marks 4 whole years since Ariana Today has

29 Oct 2016

Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song of 2016 (WINNER)

The Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song of 2016 has come to an end. We’re finally finished! After a whole week of song wars battling it out, we have finally come to the results of the finals. It was a very close fight between Into You vs. Touch It. But the song that had

21 Oct 2016

Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song Of 2016 (Vote!)

It’s back. Ariana Today is bringing back the famous Arianators’ Favorite Ariana Grande Song! This year, with the Dangerous Woman release, we’ve been increasing the bracket up to 64! While we couldn’t include all of her songs (Sorry to the Christmas songs & unreleases!), we’ve put together all of the

26 Aug 2016

3 Years Of Ariana Today!

The support never dies. Thank you. I have to say, it’s never too late to celebrate when you continue to grow and expand a non-profit site to huge companies such as Billboard, MTV, and iHeartRadio. August 26 marks 3 years since I created Ariana Grande Today This year was CRAZY! I

09 Feb 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Ariana Grande nominated at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards + chat with Jake Miller

On February 9th, the nominees for the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards came out, and the whole team at Ariana Today are honoured to announce as a US superfan that the whole fanbase, Arianators, are nominated for BEST FAN ARMY! We have received a message from iHeartRadio a week ago that we would be a

29 Jan 2016

(CLOSED) GIVEAWAY: Win Ariana Grande’s MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam products

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. THANKS FOR ENTERING! YES! This is one of our biggest giveaways yet! Ariana Today is collaborating with a former member of this website, Melody (aka MelodyDailyy on YouTube), to do this very special giveaway with you. This time, we’re giving away Ariana Grande’s Mac Cosmetics’ Viva Glam products! ONE winner will

28 Dec 2015

Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Music Video of 2015 (Winner)

Throughout the whole week, Ariana Today played a fun game to compare the best music videos by the pop princess Ariana Grande in the Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Music Video of 2015! In a 16-bracket tournament, we’ve had polls on Twitter everyday and the highest voting music videos would advance to

22 Dec 2015

CLOSED: Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Music Video Of 2015 (Vote)

This tournament is now finished. Thanks for voting! 2015 is coming to an end, and we want to enjoy before New Years by having another tournament! This time it’s the Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Music Video Of 2015! Months ago, we did the same tournament with all of Ariana’s songs in

18 Sep 2015

Ariana Today launches gallery – ArianaPictures.net

*DUE TO HOSTING ISSUES, THE GALLERY IS BACK TO ARIANATODAY.NET/GALLERY* GREAT NEWS! The gallery site on Ariana Today has reached over 1,000,000 views! I couldn’t be more grateful for all of you coming to the site and checking out the content we have there. To appreciate your thanks, I decided to

26 Aug 2015

Two Years Of Ariana Today!

THANK YOU. TO MY VISITORS AND ARIANA HERSELF. WOW! Another huge success with this website! It’s been two freakin’ years since I’ve been running this website! On August 26th, 2013, I’ve started off as arianatoday.wordpress.com (You can even see it as it was before). I had such a small following back

24 Aug 2015

(CLOSED) JOIN: 1 Year My Everything Listening Party on Twitter & plug.dj

THIS PARTY HAS JUST ENDED. THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING! It’s almost going to be the one year anniversary since Ariana Grande’s sophmore album ‘My Everything’ was released (August 25th). In some countries, it released earlier. Since this has been a big moment for Ariana, we wanted to do something. The Ariana

18 Jul 2015

Welcome to the new Ariana Today look!

WELCOME TO THE NEW SITE LAYOUT FOR ARIANA GRANDE TODAY! After nearly a year of having the previous theme, the website for ArianaToday.net has finally changed! There are a lot of new things we bring you in this website! Thank you all for your support for helping this site grow!

13 Jul 2015

WINNERS: 2015 Arianator Awards

WHAT A GREAT START TO THE FIRST ANNUAL ARIANATOR AWARDS! On July 11th, the 2015 Arianator Awards took place on Twitter at 8PM EST, and it was hosted by me, Ryan! A lot of winners and performances were taking place because it was just a fun thing to do –