22 Aug 2017

Ariana Grande to release fourth fragrance called “Moonlight”

On August 21st, it was announced that Ariana Grande would be releasing another fragrance called Moonlight. center>

17 Nov 2016

VIDEO: Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy fragrance commercial

On November 17th, Ariana Grande’s commercial for her fragrance Sweet Like Candy has been released! Check it out below! What do you think of it?

25 Sep 2016

Ariana Grande talks Sweet Like Candy fragrance in interviews

On September 23rd, Ariana Grande held a press day event for her newest fragrance Sweet Like Candy, and she had many interviews with media outlets. Check them out below! While promoting her new fragrance for ULTA, Sweet Like Candy, Ariana Grande talks with Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez about the time she

20 Jul 2016

Ariana Grande releases new fragrance, “Sweet Like Candy”

On July 20th, Ariana surprised her fans by releasing another fragrance called Sweet Like Candy! Many rumours spread after Ariana has been teasing a fragrance-figured bottle similar to Ari by Ariana Grande on Snapchat. It is now available on Ulta, and the collection includes Hair Mist, and a Rollerball! BUY SWEET LIKE CANDY HERE

25 Jan 2016

Ariana Grande debuts gender-neutral fragrance ‘Frankie’

‘Problem’ songstress Ariana Grande has released a non-gender specific fragrance called Frankie by Ariana Grande. The beauty shared a link to where fans can purchase the perfume online and a press release explains that it can be worn by both men and women, and the scent ’embodies the larger than

07 Nov 2015

Ariana Grande attends ‘Ari’ launch party in Hamburg, Germany

Ariana Grande continues the promotion of her latest projects in Europe as she arrives in Hamburg, Germany, to attend the launch party for Ari by Ariana Grande at Douglas. Check out the photos + videos of the event below! Arriving at Douglas Inside For more information, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

07 Nov 2015

Ariana Grande attends ‘Ari’ launch party at Boots

On November 4th, after her visitation at BBC Radio 1 Studios,  Ariana attended a launch party in London, UK as she went to Boots for her fragrance Ari by Ariana Grande. Check out the UHQ photos + videos below! Leaving Boots Meet & Greet Inside For more information, please follow us

30 Oct 2015

Ariana Grande’s Halloween interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

On October 30th, Ariana Grande’s guest appearance on the Halloween edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show has aired. Unfortunately, she hasn’t performed her new single Focus as everybody has expected. Humorously, the artist dressed herself as a cow. Ariana has played a fun game with Ellen, as she was blindfolded and

04 Oct 2015

Ariana Grande talks ‘Ari’ fragrance with InStyle Magazine

On September 29th, Ariana Grande has a talk with InStyle Magazine to discuss things regarding her new fragrance Ari by Ariana Grande. Check out the interview below! Ariana Grande bottled up her favorite personality traits into her first fragrance, Ari. “It’s sexy, playful, and sweet, just like me,” the 22-year-old pop star says

16 Sep 2015

Ariana Grande attends ‘Ari’ fragrance launch party at Macy’s

On September 16th, the official launch party for Ariana Grande’s fragrance Ari by Ariana Grande took place in New York City at Macy’s. Before this happened, 250 fans who purchased the fragrance at the store first would have a meet & greet with the singer. During the event, Ariana Grande has also did a

15 Sep 2015

Ariana Grande interviewed on Good Morning America

On Septemer 15th, Ariana Grande has made a TV appearance on the ABC show Good Morning America! She was interviewed by Amy Robach to discuss many things, such as promoting her new fragrance Ari, her first single off her 4th album Focus On Me, and other events surrounding her such as the donut

12 Sep 2015

Macy’s posts interview & fragrance shoot videos with Ariana Grande

On September 9th and 12th, Ariana Grande’s partner Macy’s for the Ari by Ariana Grande fragrance have posted two videos of her – her behind the scenes shoot for the fragrance, and a short interview regarding the process of the debut fragrance. This Wednesday, September 16th, Ariana will be having a M&G to

23 Aug 2015

Release date for Ariana Grande’s fragrance ‘ARI’ announced

On August 20th, a private event was taking place in London, England at the Connaught Hotel where people got to see a sneak peak of Ariana Grande’s upcoming fragrance ARI, including information on the product + the official release date – September 16, 2015! CLICK HERE TO PRE ORDER ‘ARI BY ARIANA GRANDE’ Photoshoot

23 Jul 2015

Ariana Grande reveals information + bottle on her fragrance ‘ARI’

On July 23rd, Ariana Grande and her team has revealed a lot of information on her upcoming debut album, ARI. They have said that she will be releasing the perfume this year in September 2015! Here is what you should expect with the fragrance: The luscious and sexy fragrance opens with sparkling fruits

19 Jun 2015

Ariana Grande announces information on “Ari”, her new fragrance

On June 19th, Ariana Grande has shared news about her upcoming fragrance that is rumoured to be launched in September! She was supposed to post a video on Snapchat announcing the title of the fragrance which is ARI by Ariana Grande,  but she ended up posting photos of the whole fragrance

20 Mar 2015

Ariana Grande with fans in NYC after Jimmy Fallon

On March 19th, Ariana Grande went to NBC Studios to be on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, which will air on March 20th at night! She brought fans after leaving the studios to take pictures, and she has revealed some information: She is doing the EW! sketch with Jimmy