25 Mar 2015

Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015 (Semifinals)

And then there were 4! The last round really heated it all up. 8 songs went against each other, but One Last Time, My Everything, Baby I, and Be My Baby made it to the semifinals of The Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015. The poll with One Last Time vs.

24 Mar 2015

Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015 (Round 3)

Round 2 is over! Thousands of votes were casted, and the 8 songs move on to round 3 of The Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015. My Everything and Daydreaming’ had a huge voting difference by about 70%! Here are the final 8 songs. Download the bracket below. Fill it

23 Mar 2015

Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015 (Round 2)

Whew! What a round! We have just started, and The Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015 heated up the fandom last night! With 13,000+ votes casted in the first round, the following 16 songs have advanced to round 2 of #FaveArianaSong, and the other 16 have been thrown out (Break Free

22 Mar 2015

Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015 (Round 1)

Wow! 70,000 followers on Twitter. Thank you guys for all the love and support with the site and the social media! I want to celebrate this moment by doing an ultimate Arianator competition – The Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015! From fetus songs to My Everything, we’ve chosen 32 songs

20 Mar 2015

Ariana Grande covers adoption fees for 15 dogs

Ariana Grande is spreading her puppy love to her fans. In a post on Twitter on Friday, the singer wrote that she’s working with BarkBox, the doggy goodie subscription service, to help 15 puppies from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue find loving homes. “This weekend at both of my MSG shows,

25 Dec 2014

Ariana Grande’s Best Moments of 2014

We did something similar last year, where we picked out Ariana Grande’s best moments last year, and we’re going to do that again! 2014 was the biggest year for Ariana Grande to-date, and we’re going to pick out the top moments she had this year from performing in front of

06 Dec 2014

Ariana Grande’s 2nd collab with Japanese YouTuber HIKAKIN

The famous Japanese YouTuber Hikaru Kaihatsu, did another collab with Ariana Grande in NYC! They made two videos, one where the singer gives an interview, and the other a live version of “Break Free”, where the Japanese makes a beatbox watching Ariana singing acapella. See the videos below: We hope

22 Oct 2014

Ariana Grande talks to Miley Cyrus for advice?

Ariana Grande has revealed she turned to Miley Cyrus for advice after being branded a “diva” in the press. The Problem singer has been forced to deny claims regarding her attitude, with Ariana confessing that she was “heartbroken” by the rumours. She explained to The Mirror that she felt so upset by the accusations, that she called Mi-Cy for

04 Oct 2014

Ariana Grande partners with WAT-AAH!

The WAT-AAH! American company  now has a new and special sponsor:  Ariana Grande! This alliance between the company and the singer was released October 1st , and certainly yield good fruits for all involved. Check out the photos from the photoshoot + the video for the brand!

19 Sep 2014

Isaac Calpito clears rumours about Ariana Grande’s team

After a long period without ruling on the matter, the choreographer Isaac Calpito – friend and former team member of Ariana Grande – finally decided to talk about the controversy surrounding his alleged “resignation” of Team Ariana. Since Isaac stopped working with the singer in mid July to August, many

10 Sep 2014

Ariana Today launches a forum!

UPDATE: DUE TO THE FORUM BEING UNSUCCESSFUL, WE HAVE REMOVED THE FORUM. It is finally time, the Ariana Today team has just launched their very own forum! The forum is to thank all of you for helping us reach 30k followers on Twitter, 1k likes on Facebook, 3k followers on

26 Aug 2014

One Year Of Ariana Today!

Exactly one year ago, I’ve started this website called Ariana Today. We started off as arianatoday.wordpress.com and look where we are now! I didn’t expect much to happen with this site, but the amount of supporters and visitors we get on the site is amazing. Many things have happened. We were

19 Aug 2014

(CLOSED) SEPTEMBER 3: Yours Truly listening party on Twitter

It’s almost going to be the one year anniversary since Ariana Grande’s debut album ‘Yours Truly’ was released (September 3). In some countries, it released earlier. Since this has been a big moment for Ariana, we wanted to do something. The Ariana Today Team wants to celebrate this momentum by

21 Jul 2014

(CLOSED) ENTER: #ReasonsToLoveAriana

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PROJECT! Here we are again with another project! The team of Ariana Today has noticed that Ariana Grande has been upset nowadays due to family issues, and we want to turn that frown upside down and make her smile. To cheer her up, we’ve decided to

18 Jul 2014

LISTEN: Official Problem Remixes

Ariana Grande has released the official remixes for her current single Problem. The remixes, that have been uploaded to the Facebook page, should be available for purchase on iTunes soon! Listen to the three remixes below:  Dawin Remix Noodles & Devastator Remix Kassiano Remix

16 Jul 2014

CONTEST: See Ariana Grande at the 2014 VMAs

Ariana Grande will make a performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, which will take place on August 24. MTV, and VH1, along with Pepsi, announced a contest where winners will go to the VMAs to watch the performance of the singer. To participate, fans – at least 16