18 Sep 2015

Ariana Today launches gallery – ArianaPictures.net

*DUE TO HOSTING ISSUES, THE GALLERY IS BACK TO ARIANATODAY.NET/GALLERY* GREAT NEWS! The gallery site on Ariana Today has reached over 1,000,000 views! I couldn’t be more grateful for all of you coming to the site and checking out the content we have there. To appreciate your thanks, I decided to

26 Aug 2015

Two Years Of Ariana Today!

THANK YOU. TO MY VISITORS AND ARIANA HERSELF. WOW! Another huge success with this website! It’s been two freakin’ years since I’ve been running this website! On August 26th, 2013, I’ve started off as arianatoday.wordpress.com (You can even see it as it was before). I had such a small following back

24 Aug 2015

(CLOSED) JOIN: 1 Year My Everything Listening Party on Twitter & plug.dj

THIS PARTY HAS JUST ENDED. THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING! It’s almost going to be the one year anniversary since Ariana Grande’s sophmore album ‘My Everything’ was released (August 25th). In some countries, it released earlier. Since this has been a big moment for Ariana, we wanted to do something. The Ariana

11 Aug 2015

Ariana Grande and Ricky Alvarez’s relationship – are they happy?

All donut-gate jokes and new fragrance announcements aside, Ariana Grande and her new boyfriend Ricky Alvarez – who also just so happens to be one of her dancers – are apparently so happy with each other that they’ve probably been skipping in fields of daisies and humming love songs 24/7. They’re

23 Jul 2015

New Ariana Grande merch released – do Ariana & fans like it?

On July 23rd, Ariana Grande’s official website has released new clothes on their online store. Check out the clothes below. But does Ariana Grande herself love the looks and styles? CLICK HERE TO BUY THE MERCH Ariana Grande has posted videos on Snapchat about the new merch being released. It’s

18 Jul 2015

Welcome to the new Ariana Today look!

WELCOME TO THE NEW SITE LAYOUT FOR ARIANA GRANDE TODAY! After nearly a year of having the previous theme, the website for ArianaToday.net has finally changed! There are a lot of new things we bring you in this website! Thank you all for your support for helping this site grow!

15 Jul 2015

VOTE: Arianators in the Billboard ‘Fan Army Face Off’ 2015

On July 8th, Billboard has opened the curtains to start their annual Fan Army Face Off with many fandoms, such as Arianators, Beliebers, Little Monsters, Katy Cats, etc. to vote for themselves to be crowned the best fandom out of all of the other fandom! Check out this year’s bracket.   In Round 1,

13 Jul 2015

WINNERS: 2015 Arianator Awards

WHAT A GREAT START TO THE FIRST ANNUAL ARIANATOR AWARDS! On July 11th, the 2015 Arianator Awards took place on Twitter at 8PM EST, and it was hosted by me, Ryan! A lot of winners and performances were taking place because it was just a fun thing to do –

08 Jul 2015

Ariana Grande’s donut shop controversy explained – she’s innocent!

On July 7th, TMZ has leaked a raw video of Ariana Grande with Ricky and his relatives at a donut shop while they were celebrating the Fourth of July. Ariana and Ricky were caught kissing on camera, which confirms their relationship. Controversy has been brought up when Ariana Grande licked

05 Jul 2015


WELCOME TO THE 2015 ARIANATOR AWARDS! Inspired by the 2013 Little Monster Awards, This is the first annual award this fanbase has made hosted by me, Ariana Today, and this was just a fun little award game that we have made for the Arianators in the social media world. Categories

25 Jun 2015


IT’S FINALLY HERE! FULL OF SWEET BIRTHDAY MESSAGES AND PHOTOS FROM LOTS OF LOVELY ARIANATORS, HERE IS THE BIRTHDAY VIDEO FOR ARIANA GRANDE BY ARIANA TODAY AND YOU! After bringing in hundreds of submissions, and days of editing the video, I’ve finished it up and the result was great! The video

12 Jun 2015

Ariana Grande is #2 as most powerful woman on Twitter

On June 10th, In celebration of the fact that women are dominating social media, The Huffington Post UK is publishing a list of the 100 most influential women globally on the social network today. The most followed Twitter account belongs to a woman: Katy Perry. The I Kissed A Girl singer has over 70 million

16 May 2015

(CLOSED) ENTER: Ariana Grande Birthday Project 2015

THIS PROJECT HAS ENDED. THANK YOU! Ariana Grande will celebrate her 22nd birthday on June 26th and I want to bring back the birthday video project I have done last year. For Ariana’s 21st birthday, over 100 Arianators submitted a lot of heartwarming messages and creative talent, which was put in a

22 Apr 2015

Ariana Grande listed in World’s Most Beautiful 2015 by People

On April 22nd, People posted their top 10 for 2015 World’s Most Beautiful, and Ariana Grande is listed as #9 most beautiful! The only thing small about the 21-year-old “Love Me Harder” singer is her frame – Grande has impressively powerful pipes, the tallest ponytail in Hollywood and an adorable personality (made

20 Apr 2015

Ariana Grande & Big Sean’s relationship ends — why?

Big Sean and Ariana Grande have broken up, a rep for the rapper confirms. Reps from both artists have issued a joint statement saying “They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends. We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter

27 Mar 2015

Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song Of 2015 (Winner)

It is finally time to announce the winner. This week was so much fun having you guys vote The Arianators’ Favourite Ariana Grande Song of 2015. 32 songs had to go against each other in single elimination matches. After 26,754 votes casted throughout the whole competition, one song won it