On July 7th, TMZ has leaked a raw video of Ariana Grande with Ricky and his relatives at a donut shop while they were celebrating the Fourth of July. Ariana and Ricky were caught kissing on camera, which confirms their relationship. Controversy has been brought up when Ariana Grande licked donuts and her choice of words when she cursed and said “I hate America”. Well folks, that is all explained.

Ariana Grande took it to Twitter to apologize for the actions that happened during that night, saying how everything was put out of context. She sets a great example of the US and the obesity weight that brings a negative impact on society:

She also explains how she cancelled the MLB show due to her oral surgery of having her wisdom teeth removed. Also, in the video, you can see Ariana and the employee laughing along as Ariana was amazed at how huge the donuts were. That’s why she has used those words about America, but TMZ did not show this in the first video released!

Classy way to put an end to this Ariana! Now everyone can stop this controversy and stop giving TMZ attention for this, since it’s clear that they just want to make Ariana Grande look bad.

UPDATE: Because everyone didn’t accept Ariana’s apology on Twitter, she posted a video on YouTube on her Honeymoon Diaries channel finally ending the whole incident. A round of applause to the queen!

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  1. a6pack
    July 9, 2015 at 7:39 pm — Reply

    so… how do you explain the licking?

    • Freaky Hacker
      May 14, 2016 at 12:48 am — Reply

      So… how do you explain your comment? Fact, THEY BOUGHT THE DAMN DOUGHNUTS CHILL. Do some research for 5 seconds next time please.

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