Ariana Grande and The Weeknd vault into the Hot 100’s top 10 with “Love Me Harder,” Tove Lo‘s “Habits (Stay High)” takes over atop Radio Songs and Hozier‘s “Take Me to Church” hits No. 1 on On-Demand Songs.

It’s Wednesday, the day that the sales/airplay/streaming-based Hot 100 is tallied, so let’s make our weekly trip through the numbers of the top 10 and more.

OK, Grande: “Love Me Harder,” with The Weeknd, rockets from No. 24 to No. 7 on the Hot 100 following its first full week of streaming for its official video, which premiered Nov. 3. With streams accounting for more than half (55 percent) of its Hot 100 points, the collab hurtles 25-4 on Streaming Songs (7.6 million, up 109 percent). It also soars 36-18 on Digital Songs (56,000, up 65 percent) and 28-19 on Radio Songs (51 million, up 19 percent).

With the ascent of “Harder,” Grande notches her fourth Hot 100 top 10 of 2014, following “Bang,” “Break Free,” which reached No. 4, and “Problem,” featuring Azalea (No. 2), all from her sophomore album, the Billboard 200-topping My EverythingGrande is the first act with four top 10s this year, passing Azalea (three). Last year, Drake was the sole act with four top 10s, although only two were in lead roles. The last acts before Grande with four top 10s in a year as lead artists? AdeleFlo Rida and Swift in 2012.

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